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CONTRIBUTION · 7th July 2012
Merv Ritchie
The local corporate media has alienated numerous northwest business women. Expressions of shock and outrage can be heard in coffee shops and along the sidewalks.

Black Press, the corporate owner of all the Northwest newspaper publications, including the Terrace Standard, harshly attacked the Terrace and Kitimat businesswomen who stood in protest against Enbridge at the Tsimshian Longhouse style convention center constructed on the local community college grounds.

“[…] while not physically blocking access to the event, made it known the event should not be taking place and those inside should not be there.” penned the editorial later continuing with the suggestion the women were, “limiting free association and free speech for others.”

Read it and watch a video of the gathering, attached below

Standing, holding hands, in two rows of approximately 15 women along each side of the sidewalk leading to the entrance of the Waap’galts’ap center, they quietly sang a peaceful song. Although there were a few props, no one was even holding a protest sign.

Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline Consortium hosted the gathering inside and stated it was only for women calling it “Women Building Communities”. Outside the girls saw it somewhat differently.

“We have already built our communities; Enbridge is here to destroy what we have already successfully built. We’re here to remind them of that.”

There was no gauntlet to walk through or intimidation. In fact, had the writer of this attack against the Northwest mothers, daughters, wives and girlfriends actually attended the gathering, he would have seen friendly exchanges between those walking in and those remaining outside; a respectful exchange of pleasantries. The type of behaviour those of the more nurturing gender are well known for.

The editorial even stoops to possibly the lowest level of ignorance while pretending to be honest and informative stating, regarding the location, “Places of higher learning are places where vigorous debate is encouraged and not discouraged.”

Debate is a discussion of opposing ideas. What the writer is saying with the entire editorial is ‘no opposing representation should be permitted’.

The writing is so offensive every sentence could be analyzed for the remarkable stupidity of the composition. “breeched principles held dearly in Canada”? “Skidded around a slippery slope in Terrace”? When removed from considering the writer might actually be the editor of the local paper, the six paragraph attack on the peaceful gathering of life-bringers appears to be a direct contribution by Enbridge Media Spin Doctors.

This personal affront to intelligence and common dignity is verging on an attack on exactly what the writer falsely pretended to defend, “free association and free speech”.

Enbridge used their large advertising budget to perform the same act of outrage on one of the largest media empires in the country, ‘Post Media’, who owns the Vancouver Province newspaper. They threatened to pull a million dollar advertising contract if a cartoonists’ video presentation of the Enbridge ad “It’s More than a Pipeline, It’s a Path to our Future’ was not taken down immediately and removed from their website. The local editor’s job was also threatened. Read about this by clicking here.

The local Black Press publication has succumbed to the demands of the advertising revenue once again. It is why our citizenry are discovering they have not been informed about certain events. The local media only cover issues in a manner which will not offend those who advertise in their pages.

If there was truly something to be outraged about, that is it. When did media become corporate propaganda only?
And They Call This "a democracy"????
Comment by Larry on 9th July 2012
Why doesn't Enbridge just pack up their bag of tricks and head on back home to Alberta.