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REPORTING · 5th July 2012
Walter McFarlane
Mayor Joanne Monaghan opened the Kitimat City Council Meeting on Tuesday, July 3rd with her usual good news.

“The Council and myself have been very busy in the last two weeks so there is a lot of good news,” said Monaghan.

They had lunch with the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation and the BC Trade Agents from around the world who were looking for investment opportunities in Kitimat. The Economic Development Officer gave them a boat trip on the Douglas Channel and pointed out land suitable for investment.

At the Chamber of Commerce once again held the youth awards at the Chamber of Commerce. Sabrina Trigo, Anna Camille and Sara Weirs were given education certificates.

Council met with Pat Bell on the phone and asked if the Provincial Government could have a presence in Kitimat because the community is dealing with a lot of industry. She hoped Bell would come to Kitimat in the future.

The Council had a meeting with Dave O’Leary from Northwest Community College was in town to look at training opportunities. Dave Duncan from the Ministry of Transportation had a conference call to talk about the West Side Road for road, rail and service access.

Monaghan stated Council had a meeting with Ruth Soul from the Western Transportation Advisory Council met with Council about the industries looking at the community.

She moved on to this weekend’s flag raising held by the Kitimat Multicultural Society and thanked the organizers.

“We would also want to thank the organizers of the show and shine, the hill climb and the dance, all of which were a huge success. Thanks as well to all who organized the July 1st events. It was a bit soggy but Kitimat citizens were not to be deterred,” said Monaghan.

She mentioned they were making a motion tonight to meet with Shell Oil. Monaghan also stated the economic development officer tours parties around the community daily.

“We have been criticized for not naming them or what they are interested in doing. It is not that we do not know, but rather under confidentiality which the investors have asked for. I will say this. None have ever mentioned Enbridge,” said Monaghan.

It was noted the Council had also met with a delegation from the Federal NDP last week as well, but this was not considered good news as Monaghan left it out.
Bad news!
Comment by trin7 on 5th July 2012
I went to the council meeting where the mayor talked about her 'good news'. It made my heart sink - showing investors all of our wasted land - just waiting to be developed down the channel. Can't we keep some land just for people to enjoy - do we have to destroy everything for profit. If something has to be developed, how about a marina further down the channel so Kitimat residents can have a place for some boats? How about opening up a public beach so we can actually touch the water in the channel. Rio Tinto has taken away our free boat lauch and public beach and now you want even more land to be taken away - disgusting!!
Pat Bell = Evil
Comment by FriendFromPG on 5th July 2012
Ya lets bring Pat Bell to PG so he can destroy all of our natural resources like he has in the rest of the province. This man is no good anyone that can support this idiot is an idiot themselves. I am aware this man has been in Kitimat at some point in time, but lets keep him out, this community does not need his help. If anything it isn’t even up to the community to develop these new instructional movement in Kitimat, It is up to the big cooperation’s in town to do that. Just a thought.
Meeting with Pat Bell good news?
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 5th July 2012
Isn't he the minister who did nothing to save Eurocan? He let Eurocan take their black liquor subsidy and use it in his riding to get votes for him and left us out in the cold.