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REPORTING · 3rd July 2012
Walter McFarlane
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The Canada Day Stage Show involved a speech from our elected officials, Member of Parliament Robin Austin and Member of the Legislative Assembly, Nathan Cullen.

The two of them could not agree whether weather fell under Federal or Provincial jurisdiction, Austin joking about weather being Federal for being huge, climactic and Canada being a big country.

Cullen expressed Austin did not get the memo saying weather, like all Federal services, has been downloaded to the Provincial Government. He suggested if anyone has any problems with the rain, they should call Victoria and their local MLA. He did not have a problem with the weather however as it was just Summer time in the Northwest.

ďIn spite of the weather, this is a great day to celebrate who we are and the Country that we live in. So we are privileged to live in. There are a lot of places around the world where they look at this country and think, boy would it be nice to live in a place like that and I think thatís something we can all be proud of on a day like to day,Ē said Austin.

He thanked everyone for coming out despite the weather.

ďI love this day in Kitimat because itís all the things which we love about Canada. Itís our multiculturalism, our celebration of getting along together and eating the best food in the world. Itís about living in a good community thatís on the rebound and feeling itís strength again,Ē said Cullen.

He thanked all the volunteers.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan did have a big Canada Day Speech but she did open with a comment on the weather. ďAnd they call this global warming guys.Ē