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REPORTING · 30th June 2012
Walter McFarlane
Food Truck Venders came up under reports at the regular meeting of Council on Monday, June 18th after Council received a letter from Kitimat Consession.

The letter asked Council to allow food truck stands to set up in Service Centre, after the business received requests from several of the businesses in Service Centre. They also requested a power outlet be placed in the City Centre Mall Parking Lot.

The report suggested a location in the parking lot across from the Kitimat Hotel as a location for venders to set up their trucks. There are already laws for venders to set up in the City Centre Mall Parking Lot, Mountain View Square and at Nechako Centre.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff made a motion to direct administration to amend the truck vender policy to allow truck venders to set up and operate out of a designated parking lot in Service Centre.

“I believe that we have an existing policy for both the Nechako Centre and the City Centre for venders of food but we don’t seem to have a designated area in the Service Centre,” said Feldhoff.

Feldhoff asked if the restaurants in Service Centre have provided comment or if they have sought input. He was told there was no input sought at this time, although the applicant has stated his intent to work with the businesses.

Councillor Feldhoff proposed a tabling motion. Mayor Joanne Monaghan stated it would put applicant back to the end of July. Feldhoff amended the motion to allow administration to temporarily amend policy until the end of the year to see how this goes.

“I think the amendment attempts to find the balance between the venders desire to move forward in a quick fashion and gives us time before making things permanent to reflect upon how that evolves and gain feedback from the wider community before we make it permanent,” said Feldhoff.

Both the motion and the amendment were called and carried.

Councillor Corrine Scott stated there had been a request to put a power outlet near City Centre Mall. Tim Gleig , head of District of Kitimat Engineering Department told Scott the only power source in the area comes from the street lamps and they are only powered at night.

“It would be a bit unusual to end up providing electrical service, which would have to be through BC Hydro for a temporary installation such as that,” said Gleig.

Feldhoff made a motion for administration to come back with options to how the applicant can get power.

The motion was called and carried.