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REPORTING · 27th June 2012
Kitimat Daily News
Once again the Main Stream Media (MSM) has folded to the pressure of the all mighty dollar. It is proof for all the cynics and sceptics who have believed the only news worthy of presenting is the news the advertisers approve of. The Black Press newspaper chain, which owns the majority of community news papers in BC, has long been exposed for succumbing to their advertiser’s demands, losing two senior editors and a reporter in Victoria for running a story which upset Dave Wheaton Pontiac Buick GMC. Over the past week Post Media News bent to the pressure of Enbridge when, reportedly, they threatened to pull a million dollars worth of advertising revenue if a parody ad was not pulled down from their websites.

The Vancouver Province Newspaper editor in Chief was threatened with his job if the parody did not come down off of the internet. This threat came directly from his bosses from Post Media in Eastern Canada.

The parody was designed by Dan Murphy, a Province editorial writer and comedy specialist. He took the recent Enbridge Northern Gateway video clip of pastel colours and the calm soothing voice and interjected a ‘voice over’ with intermittent splotches of oil, which were apologised for and quickly squeegeed off the canvas. This parody video clip went up on the Vancouver Province website and Youtube at approximately 8 oclock in the morning and was quickly tweeted and circulated via facebook. By 1pm that afternoon, according to Murphy, “Heads were spinning.”

The parody was immediately pulled down from the Post Media Vancouver Province website and Youtube. It was still available as others had copied it and reposted the parody. Last evening, Tuesday, CBC news reported on this event during the evening broadcast and both Enbridge and Post Media representatives were back peddling attempting to indicate there was no pressure applied and no threats to anyone’s job.

Read CBC's full expose' here

The ad was put up on the Vimeo Video network and can be seen live on the Everything Enbridge section of this website. As the page opens the ad begins automatically in the upper left corner. The size can be increased to fill the screen. It can also be seen by clicking on anyone of the Enbridge Parody ads found on the various pages of this website.