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CONTRIBUTION · 23rd June 2012
Danny Nunes
Reposted and edited from Facebook thread found here with authors permission.

Population is meaningless without the resources required to sustain it: The USA & China are sucking themselves dry and need us to prop their economies up. Simply spending money within Canada and spending less on crap produced outside Canada will hurt them where it actually matters; in the wallet.

It's kind of pointless having the world's greatest armys when you upset your suppliers.

When we fuel their empires we are creating our own slavery to them. If things go a certain way both empires will collapse. Think about it. China props up America by buying up all its debt and artificially lowering the value of its money and it in turn they can produce low costs good aka worthless crap like DVDís and Ab Loungers for Americans who are addicted to consumption. America is already in such debt it barely has its head above water... And then when you factor in a collapse in the Euro zone...

Ruh roh Shaggy....

The least you can do is stop buying pointless products made in Asia that are sold at places like Wal-Mart which do nothing for your life other than fill the need to consume. Thatís the real protest people donít even consider.

Conservation is the real environmental movement and until people decide to cut back on use of oil and in turn, take that saved money and re-invest it in more sustainable and long term industries, we will always have this imbalance in world economies where one nation completely dominates the others and no one else can even come close to matching it.

In turn we have one rich nation who delegates to the others and in turn accept lower standards and are forced to make concessions that risk our safety and health. People also seem to forget the real cause of mass un-employment is the need to take these greater and greater risks to sustain growth. And that is simple modernization and greater technology.

Kitimat is a good example of technology becoming more and more advanced while creating less and less of a workforce which is needed. It creates a hole that never gets filled and always leave us with a deficit.

A great example locally is the announcement of Tim Hortonís coming into town. After this business was announced to be locating in the Mall; Book Masters, Dragon Cafe and Sunspot all closed their doors and Pizza Factory was forced to relocate. In return, we only got a Source and a Tim Hortonís franchise opening.

For all the fanfare for this one coffee shop, Kitimat lost locally owned businesses. The same applies to people who assume that if Enbridge is approved the town will return to the same employment and population numbers it once enjoyed in its golden age.

Thatís just not reality, even if you get 10 Enbridge pipelines here.

My best proof that this community doesnít believe its own hype, (and this will get me a lot of hate, though I am fine with it), is 'Retire Kitimat'.

On the surface, it seems like a great idea, but when you delve deeper you see how flawed, silly and contradictory it is. When you think to yourself: if this town is in such a great position for expansion for the future then why do we need retirees from outside B.C to relocate and bring their money here?

This is a strange strategy for a town on the verge of a so called economic boom; to need this apparent back up plan that is doomed to fail and presently is. We have a hospital in dire need of more services and beds to accommodate seniors and what are we doing?

We are escalating the problem knowing that the province favours those who live in an urban city area where things are centralized to cut down on costs. You could say your own province discriminates against your choice of where you live.

Lets be honest about why people choose to retire here... this fairytale about our recreation and our wilderness is 'Bull'. It is a financial decision and nothing more. Those who have to live within a certain means choose the community with the most affordable rates and not in a community that will see spikes in real estate and rental costs. Again, you have to question the logic that went into all of this.

I pitched an idea over 5 years ago to promote Kitimat more to young families in the lower mainland, families that were just starting out who couldnít afford a home with the cost of housing in many parts of the lower mainland. Give them an incentive to come to Kitimat.

Bring in small business entrepreneurs who could invest and make Kitimat a little more diverse in its local business; attract and create a new image that would have more youth and young adults. This would make the town look more attractive to future potential industrial enquiries and give the town a buffer for harder times, just as Terrace had done during the times its lumber industry had gone away.

But nopeÖ it all gets ignored. People in power for years want to do what they always do, pretend its still the 50's and that if you wait long enough some industrial development angel will once again swoop in and save the day and all will be right again. We are running out of angels and the resources they want will eventually dry up leaving us with nothing to offer and thatís when it becomes a ghost town.
Partially agree Bill
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 25th June 2012
There was a day when a job like Tim Hortons or any retail outlet was considered an entry level job, but the actual fact is people ,especially women have to try and support a family on those wages, Yes we are possibly going to see a spike on decent wage jobs , but the only thing guaranteed at the moment is nothing. RTA at the moment has committed to a new smelter but even that is not an absolute. The world changes daily ,and the manipulators of the markets can just as easily send us back into a tail spin. Another full blown recession is not out of the question just yet. Remember that many corporations have been making record profits in this tough economic times.... The growth needed to sustain an ever expanding economy is unsustainable. If the Chinese and Indo populations expect to live like North Americans we are doomed .So lets set an example and be less wasteful and not buy all the uneeded junk that we do. Leave some of our resources in the ground for future generations.
not Tim Horton's fault
Comment by w franklin on 24th June 2012
Danny: None of this is due to Tim Horton's.
"A great example locally is the announcement of Tim Hortonís coming into town. After this business was announced to be locating in the Mall; Book Masters, Dragon Cafe and Sunspot all closed their doors and Pizza Factory was forced to relocate."
"For all the fanfare for this one coffee shop, Kitimat lost locally owned businesses. "
The above was caused by "The Source". You also forgot to talk about the 30 entry level jobs that Tim Horton's will create.