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REPORTING · 22nd June 2012
Walter McFarlane
Businesses have been cropping up in City Council since the beginning of June. On Monday, June 4th, Development permits for both Pizza Factory and Hype 11 Tea came before Council. On Monday, June 18th, Council discussed Development Permits for Tim Horton’s and the Brand New Motel going into the Mall.

The Development permit for Tim Horton’s came first, requested by Jerry Minni for the construction of the restaurant.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff clarified the requests made by the Downtown Design Panel were not included. A report from administration explained the Downtown Revitalization Area is considered a pedestrian friendly zone and pylon signs are not encouraged. Not all Tim Horton’s have the Pylon Signs and its elements could be incorporated into a bare wall which faces the highway.

Minni has requested the sign be included as its exclusion could affect the development. However, if Council approves the Pylon, then the developer would have to apply for a Development Variance Permit Application because the proposed sign exceeds the size permitted for the location of the restaurant.

Councillor Rob Goffinet wanted to know more about what the project would look like with the change to the pylon sign. Mayor Joanne Monaghan joked that the building would look like a Tim Horton’s.

Municipal Engineer Tim Gleig referred Goffinet to the report. Councillor Corrine Scott, who made the motion explained the information on the sign in the report (found above). She explained excluding it is not necessary. Goffinet wanted further information.

Monaghan explained she wished to speak to this without vacating the Mayors Chair.

“I’m looking at not having a Pylon, where every other Tim Horton’s in the world has a Pylon, and we’re saying, we’re not going to be in this modern age, we’re sitting back in 50-60 year old town and we’re just going to keep doing what we did 50-60 years ago and we’re not going to come up to speed, we’re not going to have pylons, we’re not going to have anything to make it look modern. That’s my rebuttal so I agree with the motion,” said Monaghan.

Feldhoff wanted to know if there was a representative for Minni at the Council Meeting. “I’m speaking in favour of the motion but have concerns. If we start having these pole signs proliferating around town, in the past, we’ve had tasteful development down town. When A&W came in, they wanted a pole sign and I think we found a nice way of accommodating them,” said Feldhoff.

He questioned what the community would look like with pole signs all over the place. Monaghan interrupted him to tell him it would look modern. Feldhoff stated he has seen the pole signs in other communities and they have detracted from the beauty of the community. Monaghan interrupted him again to tell him she would pass on Minni’s telephone number.

Feldhoff stated he would vote in favour of the motion but felt like he had a gun held to his head in the way it has been presented. The motion was called and carried.

Monaghan stated: “It was a year ago that this came up and we were told it would never happen and it’s coming, it’s coming, we’re happy.”

The Second item to come before Council was the Development Permit for the new M Hotel which will be built at City Centre Mall. Also requested by Minni, it will have 44 guest rooms, a lobby and a conference room. The breezeway will also become enclosed, lighted and accessible to the public at all times. There will also be modifications to the storefronts under it.

Goffinet made the motion to grant the development permit in principal. “It looks excellent and if the developer does this for the entire mall, as a template, the entire downtown will be most photogenic,” said Goffinet.

Feldhoff Concurred. He asked about parking concerns have been addressed. Monaghan stated Minni got what he had asked for. The motion was called and carried.

These motions were not the only businesses Council dealt with however. Earlier in the meeting, they gave first reading for a zoning amendment for the Rural Resort, Doctor Howard Mill’s Pyne Hamlet.

Feldhoff wanted to know if there were any problems. Gleig explained he had spoken to Mills and there were no problems. The motion was called and carried and first reading was given.

A second zoning amendment bylaw was for the lands between Rosario’s and the Legion. Sean Gust is planning to build a coin operated touch less and self serve carwash there. The building also is planned to have office and storage space there as well.

First and second reading of the Draft Bylaw were carried. It will go forward to the Advisory Planning Commission and return to Council for a public hearing on July 16th.
A Sign?
Comment by Rory Brown on 6th July 2012
A business that will employ several people wants to come to Kitimat and a sign is the issue? Councel should be welcoming them with open arms, but instead they bicker about a stupid sign. This is why we have next to no new businesses coming to Kitimat. If a sign is what it's gonna take, give them the damn sign. If we want more business to come to Kitimat, we need to be more " new business" friendly. Many councel will be happy when Timmies gets fed up and decides Kitimat is not worth the effort.
Too Funny
Comment by Tictac on 6th July 2012
Considering that we live in a town with abundance of "bush" or property, why are we trying to pack everything into the mall? You have empty lots and run down buildings all around the town centre. Maybe its too much for council to re-zone the appropriate areas that a hotel would seem fit to appeal to everyone. Makes me wonder if the old hospital site is going to continue to be empty space. Buy it from whomever owns it, put a proposal to Coast Hotels and make use of what's there in front us. If the government don't give a sh*t about the environment, then what the hells the difference of selling off a piece of land that the community can use. It would be a no brainer...if you can get a hold of the land. If not, at least make the site useful and put a park in it!
Kitimat's Identity
Comment by Cam Marleau on 26th June 2012
I like the no billboard bylaw that Kitimat currently has in place. I think it adds to the little bit of identity that Kitimat struggles so hard for. This bylaw is meant to keep the look of our town tasteful and understated. It seems to me that if Tim Hortons wants to come into our town and make money off of the citizens, they can at least respect the laws of the land as everyone else does. Besides, the location that they intend on using will get them more than enough attention.
Comment by Linda Halyk on 23rd June 2012
Every other A&W has certain signage too.
If memory serves, A&W were put through hoops to get signage approval. Is Tim's more important than A&W or any other major chain?

Why does this Mayor think it is alright to belittle Councilor's that ask questions, and to interrupt other's when they are speaking?

It is all about what the Mayor has promised. Tim's has been going on for so long and has been good news forever. She really needs this to go through, so, she will hold a gun to Council's heads.

Too bad she can't/won't take such a stand on Enbridge.

Not for or against.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 22nd June 2012
It is a sad day when the Mayor thinks having a pole sign is what makes a city modern.