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REPORTING · 21st June 2012
Walter McFarlane
On Monday, June 18th, Mayor Joanne Monaghan opened the meeting once more with her good news.

“We had a delegation of Chinese, two of them from the Vancouver Council, three from the Embassy in Ottawa and they wanted to know our policies on industry and what other industries we might be interested in,” said Monaghan.

They explored favourable investments in Kitimat. They also entertained a reporter and his wife from China, who live in Ottawa. They write for the People’s Daily in China. He wanted to know if Kitimat looked favourably on the industries which are here and which are coming.

She moved on to the topic of unsightly premises in Kitimat.

“It was brought to our attention that there is a program to rid our community of derelict cars. Its called The Kidney Car and this is how it works. You turn your old vehicle into a tax deduction with a kidney car,” said Monaghan.

She stated most vehicle can be turned over to the Kidney Car for recycling. It benefits the Environment, vehicle owners and people with kidney disease. The towing of the vehicle is free and the owner receives a tax recite.

“Plus, we receive a cleaner environment and the reason I’m briging this together tonight is we have been talking about cleaning the environment and recycling. Here, we can recycle 4 tires, various car parts, mercury, motor oil, fuel, window washer fluid, break fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and antifreeze, the result is forty litres of fluids per car are not leaking into our backyard anymore,” said Monaghan.

The unsightly premises community decided to take on this fundraiser. Donators are asked to call Lillian Sanders at 632-7340 or Joanne Monaghan at 632-7512.

She moved back to the topic of Chinese investors as she toured a third group of investors around the community on Friday, June 15th. Monaghan does not know what they are bringing to table but it could be a port, an education facility or a motel.

”We talked about many possibilities,” said Monaghan. “All three of these Chinese delegations stated they will be coming back.”

Finally, she stated the development permits for the new motel and Tim Horton’s were on the table that night for City Council. Test drilling had been done the prior week.
Comment by Linda Halyk on 22nd June 2012
Since when does Kidney Car or any other program, Committee for that matter, get brought up as good news.

Should these items not be tabled as any other matter or Committee reports?
Why is the Mayor allowed to announce her Committee's projects as good news? There are procedures to follow and is this proper?

If the Mayor is allowed to speak to her pet projects freely, then all councilors should be free to speak to theirs. FAIR is FAIR.

You are the learder not the ruler.