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NEWS RELEASE · 11th June 2012
Pacific Northwest Fishing Reports calls for boycotts on towns not opposed to Enbridge. That includes Kitimat

Greetings fellow sport fishing enthusiasts, I am writing this to all of you, all over the world because we desperately need your help on two major fronts, both could permanently extinguish fishing as we know it for our generation and that of our children’s and possibly much longer.

The first and foremost problem is the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project which the Prime Minister of Canada appears to be declaring a project that will go ahead regardless of the National Energy Board Hearings.

The second is Fish Farming, and its unregulated ability to hide scientific facts, its attacks on free speech and attempts to silence those who dare to speak out against them.

First Nations have done their part, they stood up and spoke, all against Enbridge and Alberta’s need to cash in on the horrific oil sands that are killing the Athabasca River, and sending this toxic mess into the Arctic Ocean. Read what the Swan River First Nation and the Dene Nation and the Driftpile First Nation have testified in the link below.

Parts 6, 7 and 8 of their testimony refute what Alberta is admitting, and refutes what Ottawa is admitting in regards to toxic pollution and killing of fish and wildlife.

Here is where we have a problem, the cities, towns and villages appear to want it both ways, they want your tourist dollar, and they also any dirty Oil Dollar they can get as well.

We need you; the people of the world to write to the mayors of each community and ask them why tourists could come to a community that won’t protect its natural resources. Why should tourists come and spend their money if the leaders of these communities don’t take a stand in protecting our lakes and rivers from the worst threat ever in the history of British Columbia.

Ask these mayors how many people will come to visit if we end up with a mess like they did on the Kalamazoo River.

This will extinguish all salmon and steelhead stocks, and in particular it will extinguish the almost extinct remaining two sockeye strains that are now listed as endangered species. A spill like this will kill not only the Morice Bulkley watersheds, but it will contaminate the entire Skeena River watershed.

This is not a political issue, it simply a fact, you either are willing to protect the environment or you will not, why is almost irrelevant, it does boil down to which communities tourists should visit, namely those who are willing to protect our environment.

As of today we are not aware of many that are willing to stand up and say No to Enbridge, so it would be fair to say they do not support our environment until they make a public declaration stating otherwise. If you want your status changed, then tell the world you oppose the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline.

Please note this list is only the communities, not attached aboriginal communities. All aboriginal communities along the pipeline are on record as opposed to the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline. If we are wrong, please send us an email at webmaster,,,
Good point DJB
Comment by David on 13th June 2012
When I think of it in Kitimat you are right. The local fishing store was one of the first to oppose fish farms and the pipeline. Perhaps supporting businesses that align in thinking with a viewpoint is good. Towns like Terrace who oppose you could generally support all businesses and in other towns do some research and support businesses who share your viewpoint. So rather than boycott support businesses that are aligned in thinking.
what is gained by boycott?
Comment by djb on 13th June 2012
How do you boycott a town anyway? It is made up of individual people , with varying opinions. I think the only people hurt by this type of boycott would be the ones who depend on fishing /guiding /accomodation etc. It is likely these are the people who are already strongly against the pipeline and are working to ensure it doesnt happen. There has to be a better way to stop the pipeline.
Comment by Gary Edwards on 12th June 2012
I find it very puzzling that people would suggest they may be swayed to change their minds on this issue.

There is absolutely nothing to be gained for this province if this pipeline is allowed to proceed. Nothing. No jobs. Don't be swayed by "person Years". They mean nothing. The province will collect nothing for the use of our land. In fact I suggest we may pay for this line with our tax dollars. Enbridge et al will basically not be liable for the clean up of any spill. We will do that, again from our taxes.
And ANY rupture in this line (which nobody can guarantee will Not happen) will devastate our pristine province and any big business supported government will just spend millions of dollars and years to find out what we already know.
I am a sport fisherman and I support any boycott of any town or business that supports this pipeline. They only understand money so let's hit them where they think.
Might sway the wrong way
Comment by David on 12th June 2012
I find the methods abusive and could sway people to support the project. I'm personally feeling negative towards the Enbridge project but if others want to attack my town it could push me towards supporting the project.
Good Article
Comment by Ric on 12th June 2012
Link/s Please