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REPORTING · 11th June 2012
Walter McFarlane
The Rio Tinto Alcan Kitimat Modernization Project is picking up steam in Kitimat. This has led to the closure of Hospital Beach.

“The Rio Tinto Alcan site is now a full fledged construction zone with constant vehicular and heavy duty construction traffic. To that end, and as Rio Tinto Alcan representatives have always said, during construction we will take necessary steps to eliminate potential hazards to the general public on our road including access to Hospital Beach. Therefore, Hospital Beach will be closed to the public until construction is complete or until we believe it is more safe for public access,” said Colleen Nyce

In addition, first concrete, the pouring of the first concrete floor for the pot room is expected on June 15th, later this month.
super safety
Comment by kitimat1987 on 15th June 2012
wonder when the safety reps gonna let the 3 rio tinto bone head employees know that jogging in a full fledged construction zone during full fledged construction working time is a bone head idea. naa that would be an actual good idea though soo lets just closed the beach down where there is the least amount of activity, but lets move the main gate entry for contractors an delivery trucks further down the road? with that bone head idea they are now increasing the traffic inside the plant by having everyone pass the MAIN gate 4 times a round trip an passing through 3 fourway intersections twice on the inside where there is actual construction activity along with the everyday alcan employee traffic.
Try Port Edward, better fishing anyhow.
Comment by vic. on 14th June 2012
My suggestion for boat launch is to go to Port Ed and launch for free. The 30 dollars you are being gouged for will pay for most of the gas and the money you save running your boat out to good fishing grounds will pay for the return.

Oh and by the way, they welcome and treat tourists in Port Ed and Rupert with respect and value them for what they are.
just a 2nd comment, if I may....
Comment by larry on 13th June 2012
What a flimsey excuse for closing off the a senior on a limited income I just wanted to say....
"when I look at buying my next boat, you can bet it will be made of fiberglass or even rubber....NOT ALUMINUM".
MK now "only game in town"
Comment by larry on 12th June 2012
Dig deep folks, it is now going to cost you over
$30 a day just to launch your 14 ft alum boat and park your car at MK Marina and that is before you even wet your fishin line. My guess is this will extend over the total construction period of 3 or 4 years at RTA. Time to sell the d.. boat or move.