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REPORTING · 7th June 2012
Walter McFarlane
Council was given a status report of staff assignments on Monday, May 28th. Councillor Mario Feldhoff asked to have it done one page at a time. The Council went through the items, asking questions and clarifying the items as they went. It did not take long to clear through many of the items.

One of the first items to receive discussion was a utilities take over from 2006 which was recommended for removal. Feldhoff stated he keeps asking staff to return with report on this topic, making a wisecrack that it keeps getting recommended for removal hoping Council will do it without asking. He did not want to remove something in the heat of the moment.

Councillor Rob Goffinet wanted to know where they were on Radley Park. Martin Gould, head of Kitimat Leisure Services stated they were having the hydrologist come back. Funding was been approved to expand the park, replenish campsites and build a new road, but they are waiting to hear back for the hydrologist. It stayed on the list.

Radley Park had a plan to stop erosion after one was requested by resident, Jack Oviatt who did not want to see the park wash out into the river. However, Council quickly learned armouring the park was a futile endeavour as they only had a two week window to do it in and had to seek permission from many different groups. The money to save the park washed away into several other projects, notably, the animal shelter and Council went back to the drawing board to expand the park back to the dyke.

Safety Cameras were removed from the list of items. The Safety Cameras were recommended long ago by business owners who were getting tired of having their storefronts vandalized. Over time, the project grew to encompass several commercial areas which saw a lot of vandalism. However, all the money for this project was given to the animal shelter and most of the vandalism appeared to die down.

One item could no longer be completed because the RCMP Officer referenced in it had transferred out of the community. No one knew what it was anyway so they removed it.

Another item, to invite Premier Gordon Campbell to meet with Council to discuss saving Eurocan was also removed from the list for two reasons. One, it was out dated and second, Council had already met with Christy Clark. The invitation did go through, but the former premier stalled the meeting until he left office.

According to Mary Murphy, who was the head of the Eurocan union, if they could have gotten him on board, there could be 300 more jobs in Kitimat today. Mayor Joanne Monaghan was the one who invited him.

A motion for Council to install benches at the cemetery was removed as well. Feldhoff explained it had been cut short when the Council had learned anyone could sponsor a bench with a program. The motion had been referred to the 2009 budget.

The painting of a mural on Nechako Centre was next. The Mural was done by local painters, organized by the Nechako Parrent Commitee and church youth groups. Councillor Rob Goffinet thanked the community for leaving the mural in tact. A motion in regards to having a report at wood burning at the dump was kept as well.

At this point, Council removed the motion relating to supporting the aluminium industry by opposing power sales. Again, they were unable to come to a consensus on what the motion was and removed.

Now, Council had reached a selection of items which had not been completed yet. They began to go through them and ask questions about the items. Among them was a motion, which was supposed to be complete by the end of 2011 was a motion to examine the ownership of the walkways in City Centre in regards to a tripping hazard.

District Engineer Tim Glieg explained it was not a municipal walkway and they did not have the technologists to get it done last year. The owner has been contacted the owner and given them an estimate if the District undertook it with them. If they refuse to do anything about it, it will go to the next step.

Another motion related to the Invasive Plant Council. Martin Gould head of the Leisure Services stated the first task is to get rid of a lot of Japanese Knotweed. The next task is to meet with the Invasive Plant Council on invasive species in Kitimat and put information on the District Website.

Gould also hopes to hold a public meeting on invasive plants. He also told Council about the Royal Museum of Victoria has a display on invasive species and plants are a part of the display.

The moving of Council meetings to Riverlodge was another item for removal. Council is no longer talking about moving the meetings to Riverlodge but this is still an issue. Monaghan stated there would be further information coming up on that. This one stayed on.

A long standing motion to have a discussion on Council’s policies on oceans was removed.

While Council removed many decisions and gathered the information needed, they still voted on two motions without knowing what they were.
Comment by Linda Halyk on 7th June 2012
Kitimat is on the ocean, why would Council not have a policy on oceans.

This doesn't look like a NEUTRALITY stance, it looks like a GREEN LIGHT for Enbridge.

If Kitimat doesn't have a policy on our OCEAN then any number of CORPS, can do what they please to our water, as did Eurocan. Is the LNG project dumping the clay into the channel?

Quit beating the dead horse (Eurocan) it was done no matter the amount of energy or money thrown at it. The costs to clean up their pollution output into the ocean was far more costly than the few jobs in Kitimat. Christy Clark didn't even know about Eurocan when she visited.

Pleased to see cooperation and work being completed.