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REPORTING · 7th June 2012
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat Council received a report on Recycling In-house information on Monday, May 28th. Mary Murphy made a motion to receive and file it saying it was what she was asking for.

Councillor Phil Germuth stated he had been talking to the manager of Pilots R Us, who hold the refuse pick up contract.

“He’s very interested in coming to a meeting with us and [Kitimat Understanding the Environment (K.U.T.E.)] and trying to work something out to work together,” said Germuth.

Germuth explained Pilots R Us had a truck to deliver cardboard to K.U.T.E. but it did not work out. Germuth said a meeting would be positive.

Councillor Corrine Scott said they need to do further discussion on recycling in Kitimat. She agreed this meeting would be wonderful.

Murphy said there was a motion she put forward which was tweaked by Feldhoff. Feldhoff said there were a number of motions on recycling in the past and they need a broader discussion.

People are telling him they need to do more to enforce the commercial cardboard ban. Others are suggesting a residential cardboard ban. He stated they need to talk about waste management, such as small appliances which are finding their way into the landfill despite being recyclable.

“There should be some discussion, I believe, to see if there is consensus around this table,” said Feldhoff. “There are all kinds of things and there are a number of them that have already been identified by previous motions but by having additional discussion, it will touch upon previous motions as well as some of the new issues that Councillor Empinado has raised in the recent past and are really getting into the meat of what we want to see in recycling or where we are going.”

The first motion was carried. Councillor Germuth made a motion to invite the two groups to meet with Council. It was called and carried.
Businesses Included
Comment by Julie on 12th June 2012
I agree with any and all rercycling that can be done. I believe you have to lead by example, the business that I run I have a lot of wastege. 1. cardboard; very easy kute, 2. oil; in one week I can go through 17-20 17.3 lts of oil in which I have someone come pick it up to run their rv, 3. plastics! I have two kinds of plastics (a)bib-bag in box and (b) container. I used to drive to Rupert with my husband`s truck FULL of plastics (on my own time and my own dime) just so none had to hit our landfill. Until recently I found out that Terrace has a Community site in which I phoned the person in charge of it and told them of my situation. She happily told me where to go, what bin is where and again she thanked me. WHY has Kitimat not stepped up to take responsibility for what is ours!
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Comment by Apocalypse Now on 7th June 2012
How about fines for people who dump their garbage across the road from the land fill site because they are too lazy to take it back home because they show up at the dump and its closed ,or the morons who get to the dump and realize a bunch of their garbage has blown off the back of their truck and is sitting in the middle of the road and they know its theirs,but dont feel the need to stop and pick it up.