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CONTRIBUTION · 5th June 2012
Margaret Ouwehand
Open Letter to Kitimat City Council:

It has been deemed by some, although not all, that the LNG proposals for pipelines and port facilities do not present the same environmental risks as does an oil port.

In light of recent developments, can you not be satisfied with the money from the LNG projects? Must you continue to consider supporting all the risks involved with an oil port? Is simple greed clouding your vision and causing you to represent the interests of Big Oil instead of the interests of the citizens of Kitimat?

My question to you as the Mayor and Council of Kitimat, when is enough, enough? Is there no limit to the degradation to the environment that you would accept, as long as it brings in money?

Please seriously reconsider the stance that your Council has taken with regard to the Enbridge proposal.

Margaret Ouwehand
Excellent letter
Comment by trin7 on 6th June 2012
Thank you for your letter. Nice to hear from someone who has common sense and doesn't just think about money. Someone has to speak up for those who can't. Wildlife has to be protected from the dangers of this project!
@ Margaret
Comment by Linda Halyk on 6th June 2012
Thank you for your letter Margaret.

You are spot on.

If not GREED, then to put it simply, most have been duped and fallen for the BIG OIL CORP's schpeel. What they are not seeing or understanding is that it will not bring big money to Kitimat, BC, or Canada.

To quote the Mayor "a sleeping giant" well she is preparing to kill the giant if she continues in this neutrality position. You need to reconsider your positions on Enbridge.

The point is that economic development should not be to the detriment of the environment or Kitimat's and B.C.'s citizens.