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REPORTING · 5th June 2012
Walter McFarlane
The local tourism groups were present to open a brand new Kiosk at the Northwest Regional Airport on Tuesday, May 29th. Mayor Dave Pernarowski from Terrace and Mayor Joanne Monaghan from Kitimat were out to cut the ribbon.

“We had a Kiosk here for many years and it was decided that with the amount of activity and the numbers for the airport have been steadily increasing, we thought by having a new Kiosk here as a joint venture with Kitimat was the right direction to move forward within our community,” said Bruno Belanger, Vice President of Kermode Tourism.

The Kiosk will be manned by volunteers who will meet flights and will represent the communities to people from all over the world. The goal is to show what Terrace, Kitimat, Kitamaat Village and the Nass Valley have to offer tourists.

There is a second Kiosk to greet private jets as they land. Belanger stated there were 54 private jets landed at the Northwest Regional Airport. He also stated there is a program Kermode Tourism is working on with the workers to bring their families up to Northern BC for Vacations rather then have the workers return home to visit their families when they get a break.

Monaghan stated she saw the beauty of this area and saw it as a sleeping giant waiting to wake up. She thanked the local tourism promotion groups for working together to put the booth together. She added the breath taking beauty of the north out does the Swiss Alps.

Pernarowski stated he has been looking forward to this for some time, as he has seen the work which has been done on the Kiosk. He agreed with Monaghan about the beauty of the area. Monaghan then jokingly volunteered Perarowski and herself to man the booth one day a week.

Perarowski concluded by saying: “Having a person here to represent this region, as Joanne talked about, the beauty of this region, about the local history and why we love living here is going to be an improvement to this region.”

Graham Genge and Trish Parsons gave a few words as well. Genge stated this has been the dream of Kermode Tourism and the two of them made this happen through the Northern BC Tourism Initiative: Community Tourism Opportunities. This program matches the funds which communities put towards a project. The Regional District also supported the initiative because it’s the regional airport.

Parsons thanked everyone who was involved in getting the space set up and said there was a lot of work which went into the booth. Genge stated the tourism community relationship between Kitimat and Terrace were close, there is no rivalry here.

The Mayors cut the ribbon and open the booth.