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REPORTING · 3rd June 2012
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat Council starts at 7:30, Monday June 4th at the Council Chambers in the Public Safety Building.

There are four presentations scheduled. The first is from Dan Stenson from the Kinsmen Club and Kimberly Leighton-Santos from Festivals Kitimat. Their presentation concerns Canada Day.

The Second presentation comes from Remi Jean who is bringing Recycling Ideas to Council. Simon P. Barker, a Legal Specialist is presenting ton Marine Liability with Enbridge Northern Gateway. Cheryl Brown from Douglas Channel Watch presents last and she talks about Risk Assessment.

There are no Motions or Bylaws. There are 8 reports. They include a travel grant, a temporary commercial use permit and two development permits, one for Pizza Factory and one for Hype 11 Tea.

In addition, there is the schedule for Canada Day, a request for Kitimat Council to support Haisla Aboriginal Days, a request for support for the infrastructure at the Airport and an appointment of a Temporary Alternate to the Regional District.

There are two communications. One is for the 2012 big bike ride and the other is about the Conference of Senior Citizens Organizations 2012 Conference.

Notably not on the agenda is Councillor Mary Murphy’s discussion about Enbridge. The In-camera information expresses there will be no release as negotiations are on going.
Dear Phil
Comment by Linda Halyk on 7th June 2012
I just question the second request in 6 months for a temporary alternate.

I was pleased it was you the first time and I hope again it is you. I believe you truly have the community interest at heart.

I just believe to have continuity of interests and communication at the regional district Kitimat needs to be consistent with it's representation. If either of the first two can't consistently attend meetings then someone needs to be the bigger person and step down.
Dear Linda
Comment by phil germuth on 6th June 2012
One of the great things about being Canadian is our right to Freedom of Speech.

I know that before I became an elected official, on the issue of Power Sales I certainly exercised that right on many occasions.

I am not trying to minimize your opinion or say that you are right or wrong. I would only like to point out that there are two sides to every story.

As our Regional District Representative , in my opinion, Councillor Scott is doing an outstanding job. Her previous political experience is a huge asset as she has discovered things that somebody new like myself was not aware of. I am learning lots.

As for not attending every meeting, everybody - including elected officials- deserves a vacation or some form of time off. I believe that's why we have alternates.

As the temporary alternate I think this is great as it allows myself to attend and learn about Regional District issues.

Being on council I must admit I am having the time of my life. It is a lot of time and work but very enjoyable.

Temporary Alternate
Comment by Linda Halyk on 4th June 2012
Again they need to appoint an alternate, this is just rediculous.

Prestige of a title gets in the way of the best thing for the community.

Scott must have known she couldn't cope with the schedule. Her ties to Alberta keep calling.

Monaghan won't travel, everyone knows this. Why did she accept the alternate position?

So much for consistent representation. Do the right thing ladies, step down and appoint someone who will and can consistently represent Kitimat.