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REPORTING · 31st May 2012
Walter McFarlane
The Fountain in Centennial Park was firing again after around 10 years on Thursday and Friday, May 24th and 25th. According to Martin Gould, head of Kitimat Liesure Services, the contractor who was working on the fountain was running tests.

”Our contractor has installed the fountain. There are a few minor adjustments to do to it, along with the wall, there is some lettering he needs to put up on the back side of the wall and he needs to replant the grass on the area which was dug up but ecenturally, the projects nearing completion and with any luck, should be complete by June 15th,” said Gould.

The new fountain will include a timer which will turn on the lights for the fountain and the wall at twilight. If the water level goes two low, an auto shut off will turn off the fountain and trigger an auto fill from the fountains tank.

The fountain apparatus will be taken out of the water in the fall and the tank will be drained to prevent ice forming during the winter.
Fountain Repair
Comment by Dan J on 31st May 2012
I am very pleased to see that this beautiful fountain is working again. Its nice to see that the city is repairing, modernizing and updating our community.

Perhaps more pieces like this too come?
Comment by Ben Gardner on 31st May 2012
Really glad to see this back up and running!
Its a small thing but one i always loved about our town. Great place to to sit and visit on a warm day! Also nice to see some of the gardens are being upkept and are blooming.
A definate positive :)
Comment by Daniel Carter on 31st May 2012
Not often there is a "Feel Good" article. It's very nice to see the fountain up and running again. Great work fellas!