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REPORTING · 25th May 2012
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat City Council for Monday, May 21st started with the Mayoral good news. She congratulated Cameron Orr from the Northern Sentinel on becoming a parent.

She moved on to last week’s press release from Shell. She thanked Council, KTIDs and the Chamber of Commerce for all the work they have done to bring Shell to Kitimat.

“Things do not just happen. I was told last week that: ‘You guys, you don’t need an economic development officer. You don’t need the Council. You don’t need the Chamber. You don’t need anybody. It just happens. It’s going to happen anyway.’ Well I can tell you, it doesn’t just happen,” said Monaghan. “We talk with them. We say: ‘Ok, this is what we can do. this is what we can’t do. We want you here. These are the things that we can do.’”

She explained all of these groups worked together as a unit to bring LNG Canada to Kitimat. She read from the press release found here.

“Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fuels we have. We are very excited about this. We as Council welcome Shell Canada into our community,” said Monaghan.
Comment by fwuensch on 25th May 2012
I write this letter to apologize to Councillor Germuth and Feldhoff. I was unaware that they too were born in Kitimat and have a vested interest in seeing Kitimat prosper. I wrote the response to the council good news report given by the Mayor as I got the impression from the Mayor, in her report, that council is more concerned about giving credit to the various interest groups rather than supporting the City Management group in having a process to ensure that plans are being developed to have the infrastructure in place to support the numerous announced large projects. It is critical for the long term success of Kitimat and those companies wishing to locate here that impediments such as housing, a hospital that can handle the influx of workers, an airport able to handle the large number of workers coming in and out of Kitimat, Policing and ambulance services are all resolved through planning, the revision of peculiar zoning requirements and the involvement of our provincial government in enabling Kitimat to handle this growth. Council needs to make Kitimat the preferential place for industry to want to do business. First and foremost in that endeavour Council must find ways to work with the Haisla Nation. It is time that this community works collaboratively with the Haisla Nation. Council needs to look at opportunities for working together to bring employment to the Haisla Nation and the citizens of Kitimat. I am always open to dialogue with any member of council to help them see how together we can make Kitimat, my place of birth, prosper.