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REPORTING · 22nd May 2012
Walter McFarlane
Councillor Mary Murphy made a motion on Monday, May 7th to commit the District of Kitimat to Recycling by establishing ways to ensure recyclable material are taken to the Recycling Depot. The motion also instructed administration to look at grants which might be available for recycling in Kitimat.

Murphy stated: “[Kitimat Understanding The Environment (K.U.T.E.)] stopped picking up cardboard as it was too expensive and not cost effective. Many are taking cardboard and paper to the landfill so they are storing some of it there. Many people in our area don’t have the ability to store. They can’t take it down to the recycling because it’s across the river. Sometimes, they turn it away because it’s wet or it’s been in contact with moisture.”

She said if they were serious about trying to reduce their carbon footprint, they could not use money as an excuse. She said the District of Kitimat drops of their paper products but is uncertain about what other services in the community are doing since the K.U.T.E. discontinued their pick up service last year.

”We need to make recycling more user friendly for the community,” said Murphy.

She stated there are a lot of problems with the current location of K.U.T.E.. The list she gave included deficiencies in Man Power and Processing, upgrade due to power restrictions, obtain more room and create a collection service for the people. She stated there is going to be an environmental initiative in 2014 regarding recycling all products. She suggested getting a jumpstart on this.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff asked if Murphy was considering a Blue Box program. Murphy suggested $9000 for improvements and letting the Depot use a District Truck for pickups. She stated the landfill workers are separating the recyclables from the waste and taking it to the Recycling Depot at a cost.

“I do know one thing. We can’t be using costs as a deterrent for helping, right? We want it cost effective, absolutely but if we want to go green, we need to start in our community before 2014 before it’s going to be forced on us.”

Councillor Edwin Empinado explained the BC Product Stewardship Program shifted responsibility and he made two motions relating to this in April. Consumers pay money on products to cover the recycling of the product when they are finished with it. He suggested educating the public on these items.

Feldhoff stated they have a number of motions on the books regarding these items. “Cardboard, paper, beverage containers, small appliances, electronics, burning of wood, grass, compost. Some of these things have been dealt with, some of them haven’t. I think that the issues that Councillor Murphy raises tonight should be put in the context of a broader discussion,” said Feldhoff.

Rather then do one item a week, they should put these into context at a Committee of the Whole Meeting. He made a tabling motion.

Murphy was opposed to the tabling motion and stated her motion was for the District to commit to recycling and find ways for paper products to get to the recycling depot. Councillor Phil Germuth agreed with Murphy and only would agree to the tabling motion if they put a time limit on it.

Feldhoff stated he did not want this to wait for another year. However, the motion looks like they were going to a blue box program. Mayor Joanne Monaghan suggested having this discussion before the end of June.

Councillor Rob Goffinet suggested inviting K.U.T.E. present for the discussion. It was called and carried.
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Comment by mary on 24th May 2012
Thanks Lucy that is what I also find...but if it’s going to cost any money....comes to a big stop.
Mayor and council have already previously met with KUTE. Deficiencies and projected changes already discussed. KUTE discussed with me any help from my end would be greatly appreciated. So I will be dedicated to make changes regarding recycling in our community.
Neighbouring communities have already started.
Kitimat Recycling needs to upgrade to the 21st Century
Comment by Lucy on 23rd May 2012
As I have traveled around BC and visited family and friends I have come to the realization that although taxes in Kitimat are probably the lowest in the province, so are many of our services deficient.
Recycling everywhere else (with the exception of some northern towns) has grown by leaps and bounds. Many places have two cans, one for recycling and one for garbage. Pickup rotates every 2 weeks, one week for each. This works so well! The cans are large enough that even a family of four or more are accomodated without having to take compost, cardboard, paper, tins etc. to a landfill it all goes to recycling. Glass and pop & beer and refillables still need to be dealt with separately.
Maybe it's time for a referendum on several issues. Recycling - are we willing to pay higher taxes for the opportunity to properly recycle?
Environment - Are we for or against the Enbridge pipeline?
Come on Kitimat be proud of your town!
A forever resident - Lucy Tolhurst-McRae