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REPORTING · 17th May 2012
Walter McFarlane
Doctor Howard Mills took the stand at the Regular Meeting of Council on Monday, May 7th to talk about the plans to build Pyne Hamlet at Minette Bay Lodge. Rezoning a piece of his property was on the agenda for the meeting.

“In the words of Martin Luther King, ‘we have a dream.’ In effect, we’ve had a dream for quite a long time. Better then that, we now have some plans,” said Mills. “We have a plan to build an attractive, quality, low carbon hamlet of around 14-16 efficient, oak post and beam cottages which we plan to import from the UK where the currency has fallen 40% against the Canadian dollar.”

He explained to complete the project, he needs Council to rezone a part of their property to Rural Resort.

The lodge opened as a Bed and Breakfast, became a fly fishing lodge and now it is used to make the ‘corporate folk’ comfortable in Kitimat as Rio Tinto Alcan modernizing and a lot of money being invested in Kitimat.

“We’ve heard it is difficult for companies to recruit and retain the management and executives that they wish to move here simply because they operate all over the world and the family might decide that a project in Bahrain where the sun shines all the time rather then Kitimat where it never does might be preferable,” said Mills.

He hopes to make this area a feather in the cap of Kitimat. Also in the plans is a dining pub with the same sort of ambiance. “A proper English Pub” explained Mills. “Hopefully something Kitimat can boast can be the most genuine and most likeable English Pub with in the Province.”

The pub will be open to the hamlet residence and to the General Public. They are adding paths and bridges to the property to make the residence more comfortable. Mills would like to make this area a resort.

“Truly a marvel of industry and nature,” said Mills.

He expressed time was of the essence because the building season of Kitimat is short. He asked Council to fast track the first and second readings of the undertaking at the meeting in addition to pushing them to Committee of the Whole and the Advisory Planning Commission.

He anticipates to start as soon as the project receives approval. The buildings will be shipped over the winter months. First occupancies are anticipated for mid spring next year.

“We’re looking for your support and your understanding of ours and industries schedules,” said Mills. He said his team is available to answer Council’s questions. Further information can be found on their website here.

Councillor Phil Germuth wanted to know what the plans for the roads were as the brochure advertised ‘meticulously maintained roads.’

Mills explained he bought a machine imported from Germany with a snow blower on the front and a leveller on the back. The logging road defeated the leveller and it is being rebuilt.

He added between 300 and 400 cars use the logging road near his home every day and while he is delighted to trundle his machine up and down the road, he would like to have a conversation with Council about that in the future.

Councillor Corrine Scott asked about an area on the map marked it white. Mills stated it was a tidal slew. There were no further questions.

Later in the meeting, Councillor Mario Feldhoff made a motion to receive the application and refer the application to the Committee of the Whole and the APC. He explained while Mills was hoping to move quickly, but Feldhoff hoped with an extra meeting, they could get back to Mills in swift fashion. It was called and carried.
So many on their high horses
Comment by Ex Kitimite on 14th June 2012
I find it funny that so many people feel they can judge others on their endeavours and visions. Criticizing Dr Mills because he has specific ideas that require specific needs is petty. He obviously wants to maintain a continuity on his property to create his hamlet. I agree that it might be good to use locally sourced lumber, however, Dr Mills seemingly wants his cottages to look genuine, therefore using English oak for his English cottages. I do have to hand it to him that he is willing to spend the money to do it right when so many would rather skimp and do it cheaper to save money. I find it hard to believe that anyone in Kitimat can attack Dr Mills on this issue as most people in Kitimat would rather spend money on gas and drive to Terrace to save a couple bucks shopping at Walmart as opposed to Kitimat stores. And I think anyone willing to invest in business in Kitimat needs to be patted on the back for doing so, not judged.
Thank you
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 5th June 2012
It means a lot to me that you agree with me Mr.Brown..... PS .I will come out of the closet when the time is right .
Tim has it right
Comment by Rory Brown on 4th June 2012
I have to take Tim's side on this issue. Apocalypse Now (stop being a coward and use your name like the rest of us), you don't hesitate commenting when Rio Tinto Alcan hires people from places other than Kitimat (and I do agree with you on that issue). So here we have a local person that wants to invest his money in Kitimat, that he made here in Kitimat, to make more money. Good for you, but hold on. Kitimat people apparently are not good enough when it comes down to it. Apparently Dr. Mills money is too good for us lowly knuckle dragers.
It would be interesting to see how well his investment plans work out if he had no patients in his office tomorrow. Maby we should go elsewhere for medical help in the future.
Allan Hewitson
Comment by Tim Woloshen on 1st June 2012
Allan ....I have the deepest respect for you, as I have worked for the same company as you for years, but I differ from you on this subject my friend !....I have a policy of Canada first ! before you go off on that I don't know what I am speaking about ! wife is an immigrant, and worked at a diplomatic level for many years in another country, has a university degree, and speaks 3 languages ! you ??....the CIC was quite forward in pointing out that they wanted only people that could be a positive force in this country !....we gave Dr. Mills a home, and an income, that he could have not reached in England !....I say respect the country you are living in, and do the most that you can to give back ! before you say that I do not practice what I preach !...I have legal papers to prove how I fought outside interests, that were trying to take over my project, but I remained loyal to the country that I was doing business in !....can you say that much, or are just limited to the borders of this town, and have no experience in global affairs ??....I am not a tree hugger by any degree, my father owned a 49% share of Rockwell, and I have an older brother that is up there in Encana !..and I spent 11 years in the oil patch, and owned 2 companies in the oil patch !....and I just cleared a side of a mountian in South America to build my home ! trust me my friend !...I am not user-friendly to the enviroment !....and don't claim to be !...but I really get pissed when guys like Mills play the Eco card, and they are as far from the cause as you can be !....what is the carbon print left by heli-fishing ??...don't get me wrong !....every salmon caught buy a tourist, nets the local economy hundreds of dollars !....but don't try to bullshit us with the Eco song !!...hire local, buy local, and support the country that gave you this chance !
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 24th May 2012
3 to 400cars aday?I dont think so. I wish you well Dr.Mills but lets be realistic with numbers. May I buy a Hamlet down there also ,or is it for the rich and famous only? Good luck with your endeavour. Maybe we can do some jousting while we are there, alot more fun than the usaul brawls at the Keg. I want to play Henry the 8th and sit at the throne and scream off with hs head to the loser. Sorry I have gotten wrapped up in Game of thrones. Any ways good luck again and hopefully I can come rescue a maiden in distress when you are finally open. Cheers
Always get hamlets and Shakespeare mixed up
Comment by Allan Hewitson on 23rd May 2012
I have been chatting with Howard Mills for several years about his plans for Minette Bay, where, frankly, he has made a huge personal investment that has added to the diversity and attractiveness of Kitimat as a destination and a community.

Therefore I am shocked by the reaction of Tim Woloshen, whose rant is as unreasonable as his overall argument that Dr. Mills should be required to do things differently than he plans to meet his approval. Hey, I really don't see why Dr. Mills may not and should not proceed as he wishes with his private project.

The fact that he requires some re-zoning of a wilderness property(which abounds in this region) should not open up his dream (investment) to suit idle critics who believe they have a better idea, without setting up speed bumps and problems for a citizen who has been a leading proponent for our community. Shame, -- Do it Doc, and we'll hoist a pint.
more like "little Britain"
Comment by H.Sanou on 23rd May 2012
Good luck with your development Howard, it will compliment your property quite well.
England ??
Comment by Tim Woloshen on 20th May 2012
Glad to see you are job sourcing this out t0 England, instead of B.C, where you are going be making your money, and coming to the tax payers for help in the future with your little venture ...and I am sure we can all see your reasons other than just saving money $$ there is a real shortage of lumber in the province of B.C. ....I am confused though ?? try to sing the Eco song, as most companies and developers do in the market today .....and you go on about your dream/plan, and refer to a " low carbon print ", left by your plan does constructing " prefab cabins" in England, then expending the fossil fuels to have them shipped, and trucked around the world ....leave a lower carbon print then using local materials & labour, to achieve the same thing ?? might do better by the tax payer that you will be asking for a hand out from in the near future .....if you thought this out a little better, and not just saving a buck in England ....I think it would be better to keep the jobs here where you are making the revenue...or since England is making money as well off of this, maybe the tax payers there could throw in a few bucks for the road and extra services that you will be asking for ??.....I wish you luck, as the town needs investment to move forward ....but maybe think it out a little better.
Little England
Comment by Cliff Madsen on 18th May 2012
I`m sure Council will find a way to expedite the process allowing the Mills to move forward with their project. This sounds like an awesome addition to the Lodge/community offering residents and visitors something special. Good luck with your "dream".
Comment by roger papish on 17th May 2012
I would just like to say as a citizen of kitimat i wish Dr mills the very best with this resort as this would only bring good to our town
Hamlet to be built
Comment by Carlosroberto on 17th May 2012
It would be nice to see Council and Administration putting some effort into giving this project approval without the usual nit-picking and foot dragging.

Has the Oviatt project been approved yet or is it still in bureaucratic limbo?