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COMMENTARY · 5th May 2012
Walter McFarlane
Jobfest, while it looked like a good idea, was not well executed. It made the mistake of assuming people, like pegs, fit into certain holes. We don’t. It was a great event to forget about reality because had nothing to do with the realities of employment. It was just there to provide a good time and some false hopes.

Jobfest was about showcasing tools which could be used to help a person decide on what career they want to go into. They used a rock based theme to try and draw young people in and have a few speakers from the community to talk about their experiences.

The people who attended could do a little quiz to help them find their ideal career. It gave them information on those careers. When they made up their mind, they could grab a temporary tattoo from the tattoo parlour showcasing their path and then they could grab some swag.

Unfortunately, that is as far as it went. The “Build a Career” workshop software would not appropriate for people because it does not ask the right questions. Some questions not included are: Can you stand the sight of blood? Can you handle a high stress job? Do you have a good self esteem?

What Jobfest needed was a collection of employers. People who have experience and can help applicants by talking to them directly about the requirements for a job, the demand for the job and maybe even recruiting people who already have the skills needed.

One attendee told us he came with several copies of his resume’ hoping to connect with local employers only to find there were none.

If you know what you want to do with your life already, there was nothing Jobfest could do to help you.

If there is one thing good, employment wise, which came out of Jobfest, it is the people working the tour had a job through out the trip and got to see the province. The band, Acres of Lions, a pop group based out of Victoria who served as the rock portion of the theme did get some free publicity on the taxpayers dime.
False Reporting
Comment by Youth on 7th May 2012
Well Clearly your reporting skills Walter have gone to utter waste! Failing to understanding the meaning behind jobfest! Job fest was Advertised as an event for youth ages 15-25 to help them get pumped and excited about finding a career and giving them the resources. I myself attended jobfest and put myself through the system and found it a lot easier and more simpler to use than any other career cruiser website.

The question such as " Can you stand the sight of blood" is actually a very appropriate question because if you were to answer "NO" then obviously it would no that maybe being a doctor isnt so right for you!

Writers note: The reporting you comented on was Editorial. Opinion. In Kitimat, we have Jobfest already ingrained in our high school system. It is called Carreer and Personal Planning (CAPP Class) and it is MANDITORY for every student.

I'm glad we agree on the importance of the question of the blood question I think should have been on that appitude test. Personally, I can't stand the sight of blood and it suggested nursing as a potential career.
- Walter

Well as a matter of fact many of those programs in CAPP are being changed. And Jobfest was here to promote these new resources.