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REPORTING · 5th May 2012
Walter McFarlane
Councillor Edwin Empinado made a motion at the Monday, April 16th meeting of Ktiimat Council for the District of Kitimat to request clarification and information concerning the hiring procedure at the Kitimat Modernization Project and for the information to be shared with Kitimat Employment Services Centre.

“We see that the Kitimat Modernization Project is a go ahead. The District of Kitimat have been assured the community sustainability, which means that local contractors, businesses and resources will be utilized. And local qualified workforce will be hired. However, I have been called and asked by many of our qualified constituents that their application had not been responded to, that they could not find local job postings needed for the Kitimat Modernization Project. More so, at the Kitimat Employment Services,” said Empinado.

He said there is a project labour agreement between Alcan and 15 unions, one of which has an office in Kitimat. He is under the impression a person has to be a member of one of these unions before they could get a job at the project. This has created confusion.

Councillor Rob Goffinet made sure this was a motion to request information from the unions and Rio Tinto Alcan. The motion was called and carried.
Dont Panic yet....
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 5th May 2012
It seems like there will be many temporary jobs for scab labour coming up after the ludicrous proposal Rio Tinto Alcan has offered its employees for their upcoming contract this summer. looks like it may be a long hot summer after all folks.