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REPORTING · 5th May 2012
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat City Council held a discussion at the regular meeting of Monday, April 16th about installing a set of stairs between the library and the adjoining parking lot. Councillor Mario Feldhoff made the motion.

“There has been many a time when a walk between the parking lot adjacent to the library and the library has not been user friendly at all. I think there is a bit of a hazard there and with a small investment, we could be improving safety to the public,” said Feldhoff.

Germuth suggested an amendment to put a sidewalk / ramp so people in wheel chairs and scooters could use it as well. Councillor Mary Murphy agreed.

Feldhoff stated there was a longer ramped route which allowed people to access the library from the parking lot. He did not think the elevation would permit a ramp between the two locations.

Councillor Corrine Scott asked administration if a ramp was an idea. There was parking right in front of the library. Feldhoff made a friendly amendment, stairs or ramp. Germuth suggested the ramp could be at an angle.

Councillor Rob Goffinet asked why there were large rocks along the library. Tim Gleig, District Engineer explained the parking lot was a private lot and the owners made it quite clear when the library was built that their parking lot was not to be used for library parking.

He said the cost to put in anything there would not be too significant but there is a decision to put stairs in or not. They would have to contact Envision of course because it is still their parking lot and they do not want to do something contrary to their wishes.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan it is dangerous in the wintertime as she parked in that particular parking lot, slipped and slid down to the library.

Scott said she did not realize this was not the library parking lot and wanted to know where the library was.

Gleig explained the original plans were not to use all the land the library does and have a larger parking lot. However, this was never completed. The parking next to the pool was to cover the immediate need and the rest was next to the recreational facilities. Most of the people who were using the library were dropping kids off at the arenas.

It was also pointed out there could be further parking added on Wakashan when it gets redesigned. The motion was called and carried.
while youre at it
Comment by al earl on 9th May 2012
how about the crosswalk between super value ant the bridge, we alone had a near miss last year, had to push the misses into the snow bank in february to avoid being smoked by an out of town contracter, and last week again just about got driven over by a meathedad in a burgandy car, there was a witness who said `really` happens to me all the time too!
the driver gave us the evil eye while the girlfreind pointed out the pedestrian sign above his car and the barely visible white stripes he skidded onto to avoid collision with us he then drove away and parked to go shopping, not even an apology, keep in mind this was 3:30 in the afternoon on a sunny day. Maybe the RCMP should park and watch the circus that happens there everyday at 3:00 to 4:00
Im sure the repainting of the near invisible lines on the cross walk are scheduled this year, thanks to the 7,000,000 dollars that Rio is going to pay this year in taxes.............. but thats another story
hazard between library and parking lot..
Comment by moi on 7th May 2012
I too did not know we are "not allowed" to park here and make our way carefully down to the library.. sheesh, how many times have I almost slipped..I would love to see a small set of stairs where the rocks are in the picture.. so much safer.. Thanks and took long enough for someone to do something about it.. :)