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COMMENTARY · 23rd April 2012
Walter McFarlane
Enbridge, as controversial as the project is, is still a hot topic for debate in Kitimat. For the last two months, Douglas Channel Watch has been presenting information to Council.

However, even though Council has stated they are standing on neutral ground, it is easy to tell where certain Councillors stand. Without naming names, 3 appear to be in favour, 2 are opposed and 2 are remaining neutral.

The argument I am going to present is that Council should stop deceiving themselves and the public and take a stance in favour of the Enbridge project. Council has stated they are waiting for the Joint Review Panel Process to complete itself and gathering information to make a final decision when it has concluded.

There are many reasons why Kitimat Council should do this. It would certainly show the rest of the country, Kitimat is open for business. We have certainly heard the amount of money the Enbridge Project would bring in through taxation would be significant. Enbridge has certainly promised money would fix all of Kitimat’s problems in the past.

The number one reason Council should take a stance in favour of the project is because the Joint Review Panel Process has been compromised by the Conservative Government of Canada, who have made some very blunt statements on how they see opposition to the project.

Other reasons include the Council not gathering pertinent information. If they were, they would have gone for the Municipal Referendum to find out what the voting public of Kitimat thinks about the Northern Gateway Project. This choice allows both sides to claim everyone is on there side with no numbers to back it up the claim.

Our Mayor, Joanne Monaghan, does not look the part of neutral. People have commented on the presentations made by Douglas Channel Watch that the Mayor looked bored throughout the presentations.

She has been timing all the presentations to Council since the first of the Douglas Channel Watch presentations began. At the last Council Meeting, she was clearly making up the rules for how she was timing the presentations as she went along.

She has also appeared, albeit in the past, in several pro Enbridge publications speaking positively about the project. This has since been remedied in the name of neutrality.

Kitimat Council should stop deceiving themselves and the public and simply come out and say they are in favour. They have nothing to lose right now from doing so because the next election is not for another three years and it is virtually impossible to remove an Elected Municipal representative until then.
No enbridge
Comment by Raymond Duncan-Green on 4th May 2012
Yes it would help Kitimat financially. But what about if there is a spill? That's where the money would be going to is to clean up then no money. So no point on bringing them here, we would just go back to the way we are living now.
...and did you hear
Comment by FayEllen McFarlane on 26th April 2012
And did you hear how the Vancouver Mayor is reacting to the Keystone Pipeline that they are trying to shove through there? HE is taking a stance!
Enbridge is not welcome
Comment by Kelly Gerard on 23rd April 2012
Look, I'm all for having industries look at Kitimat as a promising venue to the east. but when our way of life and our quality of living is put in such peril for a few temporary jobs and some extra tax dollars for the community, its just not worth it. I've lived here since I was thirteen and I've decided to raise my two girls here. Kitimat seemed like a beautiful community to raise kids and start a heritage of our own. Fortunately I found someone who's heritage was here, and now our children will hopefully live on, on their ancestral land.... Now what could possibly stop that from happening?? Only one thing I can think of...SAY NO!!! to ENBRIDGE!
A vote is needed
Comment by Mike Latoris on 23rd April 2012
I agree. Council should make a stand and take a vote and I suggest VOTE THE MONEY !! As we all know, money cures all ills, whatever the problem just throw enough money at it and all will be fine. Kitimat is the winner for sure, it's big screen TV's for everyone.
You got oil in your drinking water, don't worry Enbridge has got it covered. Drunken sailors looking for a good time, hey, we got money to build some new jails. That sickening oil smell that's everywhere, well there's the town's money to buy Fabreze for everyone..
Oh, and that black stuff all over the hull of your new boat, that's money baby and our town is loaded.
I say "hell yeah" lets get that pipeline built, the sooner the better, I want my job, I want my money. Enbridge are good folks, look at the wonderful things they've done in Alberta, you can see they care about the land and they care about us too....

Mike Latoris
Comment by LINDA HALYK on 23rd April 2012
Thank you Walter.

Nobody bet your last dollar that the majority of Council figures out they just took a punch to the head.