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REPORTING · 18th April 2012
Walter McFarlane
Jack Oviatt got up at the Council Meeting on April 16th to speak to the Development Permit for Strawberry Meadows he had filed.

“We are proposing active adult development near the hospital. Our first phase will be two units of three buildings each. Single story, level entrance, designed for aging in place,” said Oviatt.

The accessible housing development, called The Meadows will consist of multifamily dwelling, which is built for three or more families. The final development will include triplex units with a choice of 9 floor plans including carports and crawlspaces.

Oviatt expressed people living in the units will be able to access the hospital through a walkway. There will be a fence around the property, which will be a four foot chain link fence with a gate at the entrance.

“This project is a win-win for Kitimat as a whole. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for many years. I need to go forward before I lose my drive. This whole thing is designed for not for profit. When I say not for profit, my intention is to donate the land, donate my services and complete this at cost. The intention is to break even and not go backwards,” said Oviatt.

He expects the final dollar value over the next ten years to be $10,000,000. The land is worth $400,000. He hoped Council was as exited as he was.

He asked Council to pass the list of requirements to administration with instructions for all items to be addressed in some way not to incur an increased cost to the project.

“If you as our elected officials can make that happen tonight, I will, at the close of this meeting, direct my team to proceed with phase one. This is a guarantee,” said Oviatt.

He also asked Council to remove the need for landscape plan from the application to be removed since landscaping will be minimal.

Oviatt thanked Council for attending an open house on the project last week.

A memo from administration states aging population is increasing and accessible housing is in short supply. They suggest this effort will support Kitimat’s advertising itself as a retirement community.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff thanked Oviatt for the investment which he is making to the community of Kitimat. Feldhoff stated he wished to have an in camera debate relating to some points.

Councillor Corrine Scott made a motion to grant approval to the project. Scott explained she left the landscaping plan out at the request of the developer. She said she did not feel the need to delay this.

Feldhoff agreed to trust the developer and expressed the Council did not need to see the plan in advance to move the project forward. The motion was called and carried.

“It is a great project and we will be looking forward to it,” said Mayor Joanne Monaghan.

Oviatt stated after the meeting that phase one will not be going ahead just yet. It will be returning to Council at a later date because a letter has to go through administration.
Sounds like
Comment by Samantha on 24th April 2012
This sounds like homes to buy. Which is a great niche to fill. But Linda, council should NOT be getting into real estate in terms of developing property for private home ownership.

But I do applaud Mr. Oviatt on his generosity to his community.
Comment by LINDA HALYK on 22nd April 2012
Thanks Jack and Debbie for doing what our Mayor and Council should be heading up, not a private citizen. If not for the Oviatt family Kitimat would have been dead by now. They believe in this community and spend much time and dollars with no help from Council. Why not give $15,00 to Bull-Orama or the mud bogs something that happens in Kitimat as opposed to Terrace.

I thank you personally for your efforts to keep Kitimat vibrant and alive.
Thank you!
Comment by Mike Forward on 22nd April 2012
Thank you Mr. Oviatt and Council for all you've done and continue to do. This is great news for the town.
True community leader
Comment by Rory Brown on 20th April 2012
Once again Jack shows himself for who he truly is. A giving, community leader, and we are all better people just for knowing him. Thanks to the Oviatt family for making Kitimat your home and a better place for all of us.
Thank you Jack and Council
Comment by Hughie on 20th April 2012
A big thank you to this council for having the vision to proceed with the "Accessible Housing". This will be a great addition to a wonderful community. Another thank you to Deb and Jack for their vision to have a project like this as they see the need. The Oviatt family have been instrumental in bringing many things to Kitimat and helping untold organizations and people here in Kitimat. I wish there was a family of the year award because they would definitely get my wife's and my vote hands down and I'm sure many others would support this. Many seniors will benefit from projects like this and I hope more are on the way.
Thank - you
Comment by Ted on 20th April 2012
If it wasn't for the Oviatt family, a lot of things would not happen in Kitimat. Come on Kitimat, let's fill the comment section of this paper with the thank-yous this family deserves.
Jack for Mayor !
A man who walks the talk
Comment by Anna-Marie on 20th April 2012
Thank you, Mr. Oviatt for this project. You are truly a man of vision and a man of your word.
thankful for Mr.O
Comment by rachel on 18th April 2012
This town is very lucky to have Mr. Oviatt.
He has brought alot to this town .
Thank You!
this is community
Comment by liz on 18th April 2012
My hat is once again off to Mr. Oviatt...He and his family have for years been doing "good deeds" a citizen of a town I love...Kitimat .... Thank you for all that you do!