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REPORTING · 16th April 2012
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat City Council meets tonight at 7:30 at the Public Safety Building. There are five presentations, two motions, eight reports and one communication.

The first presentation to Council comes from Denise Henning, President of Northwest Community College on an unspecified topic. Staff Sergeant Steve Corp is next with the Monthly Policing Report. He is followed by Yvonne Lee with a final report from the Looking for Love Animal Shelter.

The Enbridge Presentations heat up tonight as Cheryl Brown from Douglas Channel Watch is presenting on the topic of Risk Analysis. The final presentation of the night is given by Michele Perret of Northern Gateway Pipelines.

The two motions at the meeting come from Councillor Mario Feldhoff and Councillor Edwin Empinado. The first motion is for the District of Kitimat to install stairs between the Kitimat Public Library and the adjoining parking lot. The second motion is for the District of Kitimat to request clarification and information regarding the hiring procedure at the Kitimat Modernization Project.

The financial plan bylaw for 2012 gets it’s first reading.

Under reports, there is a recommendation for the district not to advertise in the upcoming issues of Canadian Sailings and the use of public land for Jobfest. There are two Development permits, one variance permit for Rio Tinto Alcan’s Cathode Sealing Building and development permit for Multi Family Seniors Housing ‘The Meadows.’

Also included are the transit and Handidart operational agreement, the statement of accounts for March and Advisory Housing Committee Appointments.

The only communication is in regards to the District of Kitimat Relay for Life Team.
Every one knows.....
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 23rd April 2012
Nothing ever happens in our little town,so why would you need a police report? just for the record i was being facetious.
Police report?
Comment by Ted on 20th April 2012
Is the monthly police report coming? Is it just me or does anyone else feel that it's difficult finding out what's really going on in this town?
right on Beach boy!!!!!!
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 18th April 2012
I agree whole heartedly with your comment . And you actually have a better chance of getting on at KMP if you are a waitress.
KMP Hiring Practices
Comment by Beach Boy on 18th April 2012
Bravo to Councillors Feldhoff & Empinado for requesting clarification on KMP hiring procedures.

Carlosroberto, I can understand your frustration in stating Kitimat is dying. The BIG PICTURE is that Kitimat will not benefit significantly from new industrial mega-projects unless Kitimat resources are used BEFORE camps are filled with out-of-towners.

There are many unemployed long term Kitimat men and women who would benefit from 2-3 years work at KMP. There are many empty apartment suites, owned by long term Kitimat entrepreneurs.

Why is KMP hiring people from Prince George, the Okanagan, Vancouver and the USA and putting them in camp, at a camp cost of over $240 per day, and paying for their flights back home ($1000 a pop) for turn-arounds? Don't tell me that it is because KMP must follow union hall hiring practices....when there is a boom and you are near a town or city, you invite local young men and women into the unions. Is that happening?

Kitimat is dying and stores remain empty because KMP camp workers don't support local businesses, except for liquor venues.

The only benefit from out-of-towner KMP camp workers is that Kitimat ladies get a lot of drinks bought for them.

ps. your high school age daughters are getting drinks bought for them as well on weekends, by camp workers at the Zoo, where legal age and ID's don't matter.
Council meeting April 16
Comment by Carlosroberto on 17th April 2012
Apocalypse Now
Perhaps if you read what I said before reacting to me "spouting off" you would have gathered that a solution to some of the problems would be for Council to work on larger "issues" than placements of sidewalks/stairs , what hiring practices are used by a private business, etc.
When I look back at the beating Dr Mills took at the hands of Council when he wanted to expand his B & B business I can only imagine the reception given anyone who wants to invest here.
Why does Kitimat not support an industrial development committee made up of a Council member and business people who have a vested interest in seeing our town grow? Instead, we have municipal employees who's mandate we're told is to answer inquiries not beat the bushes drumming up business. For years we have been told of all the "secret deals and negotiations" Council can't talk about. How many on the ground jobs have resulted from this? Damn few! The reputation of Kitimat was damaged very badly by the anti-Alcan stance and lawsuit and I am not aware of any campaign to let the business world know that Kitimat is ready to welcome new business and investment.
I could go on, but this is enough "spouting off". Perhaps your reaction and comments are part of the reason that a lot of residents are reluctant to get involved.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 16th April 2012
Mr.Roberto ,It is good to voice your concerns on matters of the municipality,maybe explain what in your opinion, council should do to attract investment. To spout off with no alternatives is pointless.If you are going to make a criticism at least make a suggestion to go along with it. I look forward to your comments.
Council meeting April16
Comment by Carlosroberto on 16th April 2012
Here we go again, Council wanting to deal with trivial matters instead of looking at the larger interests of the community.
Stairs to a parking lot? If I remember correctly, when a short section of sidewalk at Mountainview was to be moved a few feet to where it made sense to have it, the issue required an on-site Council meeting before this momentous decision could be made. I can see Council convening at the Library in the near future, and a decision coming next spring.......maybe!
Kitimat Modernization hiring practices? Why is Council getting concerned in the business of a private industry? Is Council going to start attempting to dictate hiring practices of private businesses next? It is no wonder that Kitimat is dying and stores remain empty. Start looking at the BIG PICTURE folks and try to make the community a place where people WANT to invest instead of driving them away through nitpicking rules.