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REPORTING · 8th April 2012
Walter McFarlane
Councillor Mary Murphy is following in the footsteps of former Councillor, Randy Halyk. A fishermen, Halyk made a motion related to improving access to the Kitimat River in 2011.

At Kitimat City Council on Monday, April 2nd, Murphy notified the staff that Easter Weekend coincided with a steelhead run. She asked them if they can clear the road to the river at Cablecar and Radley Park.

Tim Gleig, head of the Districts Engineering Department pointed out his department has direction from Council in the form of a motion to improve access to the river. To his knowledge, they had never cleared snow from there at this time of the year for that reason.

“So the unfortunate thing is the winter we had this year, and access is really restricted to that area. It’s huge for the people who are coming into town, that’s where they like to go,” said Murphy.

She expressed it was not about drift-boating. Some people liked to fish in those areas as well. Councillor Phil Germuth agreed. Councillor Mario Feldhoff stated they were simply directing staff to look at it and come back. They will give them direction next week.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan replied the staff has taken note.

Councillor Rob Goffinet was under the impression that Kitimat Leisure Services have cleared off the Dyke Road in Cablecar as a drop off point and Radley Park as a pick up point.

“This is a holiday weekend coming up and apparently the steelhead are entering the river and there are a lot of interest in steelhead fishing, getting down the river and I believe this is the Concern of Councillor Murphy,” said Goffinet.

He asked if this could be done for Easter Weekend. Councillor Corrine Scott agreed.

Martin Gould, the head of Leisure Services explained his department has cleared Radley Park in the past. They are currently considering it. They have also moved the mound of snow from the Dyke Road in Cablecar. However, this year, there is a lot more snow. The price for removal is sitting between $1,200 and $1,500.

“There is a lot of snow still in the park. There is a lot of snow on the Big Spruce Road,” said Gould.

Councillor Phil Germuth said he did not see a problem with the amount to remove the snow. “If we can give $15,000 to Shames, a couple of thousand bucks to have our fishing… [coughing from back of room.]”

Feldhoff responded as if hurt by the Shames comment. He then moved up to $5000 for angler access to both roads prior to the long weekend. Monaghan cracked a joke about sending some of it to Shames.

The motion was called and carried.
Comment by LINDA HALYK on 8th April 2012
Thank you Councilor Murphy for the motion. Councilor Germuth, your comment about Shames seems to have shamed the Councilor in charge to move the motion forward. Our Mayor is a joke, if she thinks she's funny making jokes about sending some to Shames, she needs to give her head a shake.

On the same topic the gravel road in CableCar has not been graded as per the motion passed by last council, at least not as of last week. Did this get put in the budget or was it conveniently forgotten?