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COMMENTARY · 4th April 2012
Walter McFarlane
A local resident in Kitimat had an odd encounter Tuesday morning. He was approached by two young people whom he had never seen before.

They asked him where they should go to get hired here in town. The word going around Vancouver Island is that Kitimat is Booming and there are any number of employment opportunities where anyone can find work.

They also told him there many of people planning / traveling from the island to Kitimat to get work. These people have been told that anyone can get hired on in Kitimat right now and there are lots of jobs readily available.

The resident directed the two of them to the Kitimat Modernization Offices. However, he questioned if there was really work available in this town because he knows multiple people who are unemployed.
What a joke
Comment by Crystal on 4th April 2012
My spouse and I live in Kitimat. We own a home in Kitimat, and my daughter was born in Kitimat. He's been a foreman on construction sites for most of his career. Yet, he can't find a job in Kitimat to save his life. He has now had to take camp jobs in Alberta in order to pay for our Kitimat home. He's also started speaking with Alberta companies who are bidding on Kitimat projects to have those companies hire him (and his new business) as a sub-contractor for those projects, just so he can stay HERE where he LIVES! He's gotten a few bites, but of course nothing in guaranteed yet. It's sickening. It's beyond frustrating to see all these people from other provinces and countries in town finding work without any problem, yet our own residents -the people who plan on staying here, and spending our paycheques here after this so-called "boom" is over- can't find work.
Comment by Mike E on 4th April 2012
This is typical of what the government likes to do. They are spreading the word in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island, speaking of the boom times and solving their unemployment issues in their region by getting those unemployed to pack up and move on. This is just like Ralph Klein did in Alberta, buying tickets for homeless people and shipping them off to the lower mainland in BC to help the issue in Alberta.
And on another note, I too question the situation as I also know of many local residents who are unemployed and I myself leave home for weeks at a time for work in camp jobs because there is no employment in my trade available and I haven't been able to get on with any of the contractors working on the big projects that have started. Just like the government of Canada needs to think of Canadians first rather than shipping away all our precious resources to foreign interest (i.e. raw logs, crude oil), I believe these projects should look at helping out locals first, as it is those locals who's families have been contributing to keeping this town alive for so many years.