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CONTRIBUTION · 27th March 2012
WHAT IF… The Government of the day and resource money hungry companies were picking and choosing what hereditary chiefs to listen to and to get fake signatures from?

WHAT IF… The Band Councils/Employees consisted of only 2 families that belong to the reserve and they are prohibiting knowledge of agreements and policies to all the other members on what their band is doing for the money and their own families?

WHAT IF… Your current band council and treaty negotiators are just in it for the money?

WHAT IF…The Treaty Negotiators and the 'so called Hereditary Chiefs' are one and the same?

WHAT IF… The hereditary chiefs they appointed are the only ones having a say in big business?

WHAT IF… History is being re-written from only a small fraction of the elders still left and they only record the ones that suit their needs?

WHAT IF …The elders are bullied and intimidated into listening and voting?

WHAT IF…. The Council is holding the elders livelihood in ransom? They won’t get that halibut license, or fishing quota or you could be evicted out of your house and dispelled from the band, if you don’t listen and shut up, then no livelihood for your family?

WHAT IF…You try to speak up and tell old moral stories that would invigorate your culture and you get called a trouble maker?

WHAT IF…There is a big agenda to rape the land no matter who protests?

WHAT IF….It all works? CN, HYDRO, LNG, of course there is the ones not mentioned. (There are always more drooling after the resources). They have the fake Hereditary Chief’s signatures signing off mineral rights and territorial lands that they are not allowed to sign off on. The Band Councils are usually fine with that; their families are taken care of, but what about the rest of the elders, kids and good hearted Indians?

WHAT IF….We had a nice togetherness, Unity World of Indians. Maybe that is where we should take our plight? UNITED NATIONS?

WHAT IF…. It is too late, the oil, natural gas, timber and minerals that we possess are what they want and they find any way to get it?

WHAT IF...Less than 5% of the voters on the band members list get to decide on these important CN, HYDRO and FISHING agreements?

WHAT IF…. It is too late to correct anything?
Prime example of  Rez Politics and the thirst for oil and resources!
Prime example of Rez Politics and the thirst for oil and resources!