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REPORTING · 24th March 2012
Terace Daily
In a stunning victory for Nathan Cullen he achieved almost 25% of the support of the NDP in his bid to lead them.

In the next to final count, Mulcair has taken the third straight victory lead leaving Brian Topp more than 10 percentage points behind.

Mulcair - 43.8% - 22,488
Topp - 31.6% - 19,822
Cullen - 24.6% - 15,426

Cullen has not taken any position on who should lead and who his supporters should vote for.

It is apparent however, Thomas Mulcair will be leading the NDP as the leader of the official opposition.
Whats your point?
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 28th March 2012
Are you looking for an excuse to slag the NDP? Flags are not as important to showing your alliegance to a country as the policies you make .If you are happy with having a government that sells all your natural resources to the highest bidder is being more patriotic just because they have a Canadian flag showing . Harper should have a chinese flag on his desk.
Nathan Cullen is out
Comment by Carlosroberto on 28th March 2012
Now Nathan should have time to improve his parlimentary attendence record.

Remember Jack's comment to Ignatieff "how can you expect a promotion when you aren't doing the job"
Canadian flags
Comment by Roma Burnett on 27th March 2012
Did anyone see any Canadian flags flying during the TV coverage of the NDP leadership convention???
Or did I just miss them??