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COMMENTARY · 21st March 2012
If you thought the last three years were dysfunctional, well, think again.
Now we have sweet, play nice dysfunction, it's like sugar wouldn't melt in their mouths.

Our Mayor can't stay focused on the presenters, shuffling papers, how rude. These are not professional speakers, it is very intimidating, and worse when our Mayor can't pay attention to a citizen's legitimate concerns. Only one councilor speaks to the presentation, no questions ????, the Mayor won't even look at the presenters supplied report.

Nothing is being accomplished, everything gets tabled, Oh we better study this first..
Does council even know what is /has been put in place, Murphy puts a motion forward to move council chambers to KVI when a plan is in place to move to River Lodge to set up and take down every week (nonsense. waste of time & money). Scott tries to put a motion in place that is already being worked on.

Council is an interveenor for the Enbridge Proposal, they have not asked any written questions, and have not participated in any of the JRP meetings. Douglas Channel Watch and many other groups and individuals in town want to know their stand on this proposal. Neutrality is burying your heads. You must have questions, if you don't then I really am at a loss as to your worth to this town. Why should we pay your salaries?

Feldhoff's motion to have Enbridge come to speak to Kitimat again does nothing. Enbridge will come with prepared statements and smiley faces and Council will trip all over their lies and false estimates. You would have to have your head buried somewhere to not know that this proposal will do more harm than good. The economic value to Kitimat is minimal at most, jobs will not be sustained. Above all and most important though is WATER, as our elected municipal officials it is YOUR DUTY AND RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT THE CITIZEN'S OF KITIMAT'S WATER SUPPLY. You can not in good conscience (that is if some of you have a conscience) believe Kitimat has or will have the resources and that Enbridge can/will protect our water supply.

It is time some of you educated yourselves and looked at the facts, put aside your hunger for big industry and money and do what is right and sustainable for Kitimat now and into the future.
As the Mayor has stated Kitimat was built as an industrial town but with today's resources and knowledge it does not have to DIE as an industrial town.

Oolichan Oil
Comment by DR on 23rd March 2012
Action speaks louder than words! Look no further than Exxon and how they treated the human victims of its Valdez spill.

History is there for all to see in splendid truth exactly how the people of Kitimat/Kitamaat would be treated.