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REPORTING · 6th March 2012
Walter McFarlane
At the City Council Budget Meeting on Monday, February 27th, Administration went over the Supplementary Budget for Kitimat. This is a list of capital expenditures for purchases to improve facilities around the community, starting with the Public Safety Building.

Fire Chief Trent Bossance explained people are coming into the Fire Hall through the open bays or the through the main doors at odd hours of the day. He wants to install security cameras for the safety of their employees. In addition, an overhead canopy needs to be replaced because it can no longer handle the snow load.

Council was told by administration the RCMP Detachment requires a new phone system because they are ordering second hand parts for the current one. In addition, the Detachment requires upkeep. Finally, although it has already been funded, bringing the holding cells up to standards has not been completed yet.

There are still some improvements which are being made to the animal shelter. The compound requires a fence and the cat room needs to be upgraded. Most of this has already been funded.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff wanted to know what became of Councillor Mary Murphy’s Motions concerning an animal crematorium. He suggested earmarking the money or making a decision as to whether or not to go through with it. There was no further discussion on the crematorium.

City Hall is looking at a pair of upgrades. There are plans to make the front door automated to make it more accessible. There is also a computer upgrade which is being completed after being funded in 2011. Finally, the Kitimat Museum and Archives has received its grant for an upgraded preparation room.

Recreation was one of the bigger topics and Martin Gould, head of Kitimat Leisure Services stepped up to present a number of items. Included among the innitial items was money for a partnership which the District has with Northern Health concerning Men’s Health.

At Riverlodge, there is a need to replace the building’s two boilers. One of these boilers will be replaced this year. The heat trace in the ramp has been on the list of things to repair for several years now. It removes snow from the entrance to building. Other repairs include the Facia on the roof of the building, the tennis court fencing and the activity room floor which needs to be refinished.

A few more security cameras are needed at Riverlodge and the ones in place are going to be upgraded. Gould commented the RCMP have been able to catch people with the help of these cameras. The final item is a theatre system for the cardio room.

Councillor Corrine Scott wanted to know if there were plans to build a wheel chair ramp on the emergency exits from the big gym. Gould explained this has been brought up at the Advisory Commission for people with Disabilities as well as the Advisory Recreation Commission and he is aware of the need.

At the Sam Lindsay Aquatic Centre, a barrier is needed separating the viewing gallery from the swimmers. Gould pointed out a few children have been venturing poolside without the notice from their parents who are watching other children swim. He stated they wanted to have the pool feel more open but did not account for this.

After many years use, the starting blocks at the pool need replacing. The pool also needs to bring the ladder to it‘s penthouse where several machines are up to safety standards. Finally, users of the pool fitness room have suggested changing out some of the older exercise equipment. Gould suggested rowing machines.

In Tamitik, several items need replacing including the ladder to the roof, a compressors and the meeting room floor. Similar to Riverlodge, plans are in the works to upgrade the camera system.

Kitimat Ice Rink is in need of new Propane and Ammonia Sensor. In addition, there are two electrical panels which need to be replaced.

Stepping out doors, Gould explained there is money being put forward for the Invasive Plant Study brought up at the Regular Meeting of Council on the 20th. Centennial Park is going into the second year of it’s rejuvenation, Gould hoped for better weather this year then the community had in the previous year.

One thing which is going to be taken away are the wading pools which were decommissioned after Eurocan closed and are becoming eyesores. After a request from parents, the District is going to put a playground on Smith Street. Finally, the handicapped fishing area is going to have a roof built over it.

Radley Park is looking at quite a few improvements. The picnic shelter is going to be rebuilt. There is going to be a study on the hydrology of the park and a costing confirmation and survey. Finally, either the road will be armoured or the site developed. This completed the requests from recreation.

Gwendolyn Sewell, Community Planner, made a request for her department regarding hiring a consultant to do a greenhouse gas reduction and energy plan.

Then came Engineering. Engineer Department Head, Tim Gleig brought forward the road maintenance plan for 2012. Haisla Boulevard is going to be overlayed from 1st Avenue down to where the road becomes the property of Alcan. Meldrum is going to be redone as is Industrial Street down in Service Centre.

Onto walkways, Gleig explained the conditions for removing a walkway. The primary reason for removal is drainage. Only a handful of walkways have been removed over the last couple of years and there are only a few walkways which are in ill repair scheduled for removal.

The sidewalks which are slated for removal is the one in the middle of Kechicka, one between Gannet and Gander Crescent and one between Osprey and Oriole. The walkway between Gander and Gannet is scheduled for removal this year.

Two sidewalks are going to be repaired this year. There is one short walkway ready for removal and there is a long section of walkway in the Whitesale neighbourhood.

The painting of Haisla Bridge is going to get more capital this year. Another job is the replacing of the traffic signal controllers for the traffic lights of Lahakas and Tsimshian. It is also time to replace the Pedestrian Crosswalk signs and get new decorations for the streetlamps for use during the holidays.

On the topic of sewer utility, the lift station on Smith Street needs an upgrade. The Gyrfalcon Bypass and Main needs to be replaced. The Yukon Street Lift Station needs a retrofit. On the topic of buildings, the Engineering Department is getting office walls rather then cubicles. Gleig explained this would also address an issue at the front office. He added the roof of Tamitik needs to be replaced.

For Water Utility, the pump house alarms need to be tied into the SCADA system and they need to find a replacement for the Wood Stave Tank which was demolished last year. Finally, the Wakishan Storm Sewer will have it’s drainage fixed and will be de-watercressed.

In total, the bill for capital expenses will come to 3,972,200. However, this does not account for several decisions which the Council would make on Wednesday Night, the 29th of February.