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CONTRIBUTION · 1st March 2012
Dieter Wagner
Recent deals made by PM S. Harper, Premier Redford of Alberta and remarks by
B.C. Minister R. Coleman certainly point in that direction.

When Canada’s exports are mainly raw materials, trees, minerals (silver, gold, copper), to a greater and greater degree petroleum products, and even fish are shipped offshore in an unprocessed state with an unprecedented and accelerated speed, is that not ill considered or even treasonous?

The contracts our governments have recently signed with the Chinese stipulate that petro discoveries are to be exclusively for export, not for Canadian refinement or use, and even include veto rights preventing us from building up-graders or refineries.

According to media reports Canada has lost over 400,000 manufacturing jobs in Ontario, Quebec and Kitimat over the last few years while China is creating jobs in their country with our raw materials. Soon, in the tar sands and natural gas regions, we see a flood of cheap labour as China brings into Canada hundreds of thousands of its own people to work “their property”, all of whom have military training and some who may be army engineers and soldiers.

I find it hard to understand how Canadians can be so concerned over the North American Free Trade Agreement with the USA which stipulates that should we start selling them water, that we are not allowed to stop, or the lawyers will get involved. What do our politicians think the Chinese will do if we try to shut off the pipeline in the future so we can use the oil for ourselves? It is becoming increasingly clear that the Chinese government sees Canadians as gullible children on the world stage and would not hesitate to mobilize their oil field workers (soldiers) to keep control of what they consider their property and to protect their investments here from foreign/Canadian interference.

If you are naïve enough to think they play fair or by the same set of rules we feel bound by, look around the third world for lots of evidence of the Chinese government’s recent history of deceit, deception and strong arm tactics in pushing their agenda. Ask yourself,

“Would the USA ever allow thousands and thousands of Chinese Nationals into their country to take the much needed high paying jobs while living in self-contained isolated and fortified encampments?”

Do not forget that China is still a communist country with CEOs being appointed by government.

The answer is that in the USA it would be seen as a National Security risk and would be considered treason by any politician who proposes it.

I am not anti immigrant, being an immigrant myself, 50 plus years ago. However, upon coming here it was expected that I learn the language and accept Canadian ways. Our leaders will not only hand over our natural resources to China, but will export our high paying refining jobs by allowing China to use their own citizens to work here in Canada.

They will not be expected to adopt and adapt to our way of living, but will have their own schools in their own languages. They will never become part of our cultural mosaic but will be kept isolated, culturally and physically, so as to be forever loyal to China. This is how China operates. Look once again at their recent history elsewhere for lots of evidence of their broken promises of local prosperity in exchange for raw resources.

I, and all other immigrants were expected to acclimatize and we learned pretty quickly once submerged in life in Canada with Canadians. This is apparent in a place like Kitimat, where I have lived for 47 years, and where in the 1950’s about 90% of people were immigrants.

We should learn from history, and the history of Colonialism. The latest lessons should come from the situations in Central and South America, where American based multi-national corporations destroyed democracies, pillaged the countries of natural resources, and killed tens of thousands of people with the help of the CIA and the US government.

Read Naomi Klein’s “The Shock Doctrine” for a lesson in Colonialism as practiced by the USA and the multi-national corporations to uncover its devastating effects.

Clearly it has happened before so we should not be surprised. How was the British Imperial Empire of old created? By subjugating entire nations and races. One big difference, they waged battles, we give our land and our resources away! They conquered South Africa, where they invented concentration camps killing many, many Boers men, women and children. India, Egypt, a lot of North Africa, the Middle East,

Hong Kong and parts of Indo-China were just there to feed the British Empire what it needed. Closer to home, in North America they used biological warfare (disease ridden blankets) to decimate the aboriginal peoples to the point where they could take whatever they wanted.

The big questions: Are we going to allow our “leaders” to keep signing legal contracts which lay the groundwork for the willful distruction of our country, or are we going to fight back?

We have options: recall, impeachment, charges of treason and, God forbid: Revolution.

Dieter Wagner
Kitimat and Pipeline
Comment by ss on 1st March 2013
I feel sad for Kitimat and its residents. This pipeline should never have happened, there or anywhere off Canadian soil. I don't agree with Canada giving its jobs away either when so many Canadians are unemployed. The people in Tumbler Ridge had the same issue with hiring foreign workers for the mines when qualified New Brunswickers were willing to take the jobs to put food on the table for their families. They realized their error and some of the foreign workers were sent back the way we understand it. The only way to fight this and any other such incidents is to speak up. Kitimat, try to save your town.
Mission Impossible
Comment by D. Rolfe on 8th June 2012
Yes, I'm convinced. Our Prime Minister is a cleverly disguised Communist Chinese National wearing a mask of Steven Harper's face.
And who do you think voted him in?
Good letter!!
Comment by trin7 on 22nd March 2012
Thanks Dieter - another great letter. I also agreed with Al's letter - many good points. As for the Albertan calling Al stupid; maybe you should do spell check, learn to type, and start getting a reality check. I believe giving our resources away to China & the US, the "rightists" are allowing Canada to be taken over! And to quote you "Hey Paul, how stupid do you feel after writing your post and then reading it after you posted it??Ya' pretty embarrassing eh!
Comment by KevenF on 18th March 2012
Cant wait to see how the government reacts to a bad treaty tht they dont have the upper hand in,
Are you serious??
Comment by Paul Dament, Alberta on 11th March 2012
Hey Al,how stupid do you feel after writing your post and then reading it after you posted it??Ya' pretty embarrassing eh!

Secondly,more to the point.Not sure what the problem is when a Country made up of mostly free and privately owned companies decide to start selling their products to another country who has the needs and funds to buy their products.

You leftists say the same thing about the Americans buying our goods and services.So who would you rather we deal with,Cuba,Iran,the Palastiniens,Mugabe,Venezuela?Get a friggin' grip.

If it were left to you,our country would be taken over and we no longer would be the free Canada that my reletives faught for,but the socialist arm of some foreign entity with the wish to destroy all free societies.Siply becausse we deal with other countries other then the US isn't a bad thing,can you say"not all of oyur eggs in one basket"?
but if the government was illegally elected
Comment by al earl on 2nd March 2012
so if Harper and his croonies fixed the vote, "if", then all agreements they made should be null and void and they should be responsible for repaying the taxpayers for all the costs assosiated with the fraudulant pretenses these deals were made, never mind jail time, if the government is indeed found guilty of vote tampering, the first thing required is an apology to the people of Canada, then a lawsuit against them for calling us enemies of the state and radicals, we speak our mind openly and honestly and have no remorse for our actions, can Harper and his band of followers say the same thing?
If Mister Harper claims he was unaware of the going ons, why is he in charge if he doesn't know what his "company" is doing, this is how companies go broke, when the boss has no idea of the realities of day to day activities, he is either incompetant or does not care, it's his choice to decide which excuse he will use, but either way he probably shouldn't be in charge