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REPORTING · 1st March 2012
Walter McFarlane
It’s budget time…

That wonderful time of year where Kitimat’s Council determines where they are going to invest the community’s money. There are a lot of requests on the horizon this year and things have so far been done differently.

For the last couple of weeks, City Council has been touring the various functions of the community and learning their inner workings. On Monday, February 6th, our Councillors sat down and listened to presentations from the community.

On Monday, February 27th, Council Gathered in City Hall and had the budget laid out for them, line by line and they asked questions about the items which are coming up, some of which were left over from last year, while other items were new to the list. The councillors themselves had a few ideas for the budget.

The 27th was not the night for motions however, it was a night for information and learning. Municipal Manager Ron Poole expressed the staff have met and whittled the budget down to a 2.5% increase. Council made their decisions on the 29th of February.

On the 27th, they went through the revenues and expenditures. Capital expenses were gone over in detail.

The Kitimat Daily will be reporting on several of the budget items separately, so you can read the parts of the budget that interest you the most. We will also be uploading our video footage of these to the Kitimat Daily Videos so stay tuned.

Comment by LINDA HALYK on 4th March 2012
They don't want you to get to smart. The more you know and understand, the less likely you will vote for them and the less likely they can pull the wool over your eyes.

Does the 2.5 % increase also pertain to the industry(s) in town?

What will be the average increase in dollars? Also a high end and low end would be nice.
2.5% tax increase???
Comment by Larry on 2nd March 2012
Can you please put that percentage in dollar and cents terms? Are we talking $50,000 or ?? and what are we talking about in percentages of capital versus operating budgets?

The more we as taxpayers know .... the smarter we get.