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REPORTING · 28th February 2012
Walter McFarlane
Walter Thorn and Louise Avery stepped up at Council representing the Kitimat Heritage Group in regards to Sidewalk Maintenance for 2012. This is a yearly presentation one specific to Kitimat Heritage.

Thorn was quick to point out: Kitimat has been featured in two National Geographic Magazines. Kitimat was featured recently this past summer on the topic of the oil port. 55 years ago, Kitimat was featured as the City of the Future.

“In the 1956 article, they raved about Kitimat. The Utopian town, with it’s green spaces, sidewalks and common areas. It was considered in student textbook around the whole globe. Kitimat was highlighted in England and other countries as being special,” said Thorn. “Our town is special and unique.”

He expressed Kitimat was known for fish, rain and snow. However, the largest claim to fame is the communities plan. They wish to recognise the plan, to allow the community to walk and travel without a car. Other communities do not have the side walks Kitimat does but the current paths are degrading despite the money Kitimat puts into it.

“Each year, we are decommissioning sidewalks. The ability to walk to the different neighbourhoods is lost. Every year, we decide on ‘this sidewalk, this sidewalk is going to be decommissioned,” said Thorn.

The town is bigger but is has less kilometres of sidewalks. Some are in poor shape and could be tossed, but there are arterial sidewalks on the chopping block as well. One such walkway is behind egret and fulmar and it is used by White-Sale to bring them to Nechako. It was meant for decommissioning although it is a short cut which goes from one section of town to the other.

He pointed out there is a problem current policy on consultation, to consult neighbours rather then the people who use the sidewalk. He urged them to reconsider the policy. He thanked them for the money that’s been put into maintain the policy.

Avery reiterated the request to maintain the Egret Fulmar Sidewalk. She also wished to speak to the 2012 plans for what is being planned for decommissioning in a future meeting.

There were no questions.
Comment by KevenF on 18th March 2012
having grown up here and enjoyed the back sidewalks as a child on my Bike and the Ability to go everywhere with Playgrounds placed in good areas, I agree this Town needs its sidewalks! Just look on any given day people are out walking and enjoying our town. We dont need less sidewalks but more! Strawberry meadows and Cable car come to mind. In that city to the north they have the one stroll that goes along the main road with interesting points of rest with historical and geographical data on it. Maybe we should learn from this. Kitimat is Rich in History and we should not be taking this away from future generations. Just my Opinion
UBC Project on Kitimat Found Online
Comment by LindaM on 7th March 2012
I found this whole project done on Kitimat, its history, demographics everything you ever wanted to know about Kitimat. All on a UBC page. Dont know if it was a thesis or what? Very interesting read.
Comment by Gerry Hummel on 2nd March 2012
Give us the slightest nice day and Kitimatians are out using the sidewalks, they are important! We definately need a sidewalk all along the Strawberry Fields Subdivision to the soccer fields! People are forced to walk up the road from the apartment blocks in the winter and this is very dangerous I am suprised nobody has been hit along there! And in the spring when the soccer fields start getting used almost every day there are people all over the roads down there! Something should be done in this area for sure! Lots of people walk in this town and although they keep the main sidewalks clear in the winter an effort should be made to keep them all clear!
Excellent Idea
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 28th February 2012
Hope fully the official community plan will revert back to the original concept. Kitimat was well planned .You could never get lost ,you turned into a street and it brought you back out to a main artery. Now with the cable car and strawberry meadows,its a mish mash of streets. Not as easy to find your way around compared to years ago. And no sidewalks.