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NEWS RELEASE · 25th February 2012
Nathan Cullen

Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen says he is not surprised but also not convinced at Transport Canada’s findings yesterday that oil supertankers can safely travel in and out of the port of Kitimat.

“We clearly have a different threshold for the acceptable level of ‘residual risk’ these tankers pose to the marine environment,” Cullen said today.

“As I told the Enbridge Joint Review Panel last week, how realistic is it to believe that 15,000 supertankers will be able to safely travel the narrow Douglas Channel, let alone the Hecate Strait and devastating open ocean storms, over the life of the project?

“Accidents will happen. While the risk may be small, the effects of a marine spill or leak are catastrophic, and are unacceptable to the people I represent and to 80% of British Columbians.

“Over 45,000 coastal jobs and dozens of rich northwest aboriginal cultures are at risk. Piping bitumen to port is risky enough, after which tankers have to run a gauntlet of potential human and mechanical error, challenging channels, and the wild North Pacific.”

Cullen pointed out the width of Douglas Channel where supertankers would sail is only 1.35-kilometres, far narrower than the 10-kilometre channel width at the site of the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster. He also pointed to research putting the number of marine vessel incidents along Canada’s Pacific Coast from 1999-2009 at 1,275.

“That’s over two per week, not what I or most people would call a residual risk,” Cullen said.

Cullen noted the value of BC commercial and recreational salmon fisheries and nature tourism is conservatively estimated at over $1 billion annually, an economy that no level of risk should be permitted to jeopardize.

Transport Canada yesterday filed its review of Enbridge’s proposed marine shipping routes to the regulatory panel weighing the $5.5-billion project, which would see Alberta crude shipped to the West Coast by pipeline and exported to Asian markets via a marine terminal at Kitimat. The report found no regulatory concerns for vessels, operations, proposed routes, navigability, other waterway users and the marine terminal operations associated with the project.

See the full Termpol Report here.

Watch a presentation from the JRP in Kitamaat Village by Dieter Wagner on the tanker routes through Douglas Channel here
CTV Graphic of Douglas Channel. If the general public believes this unfathomable unrealistic CTV presentation of the hazards what can one expect the public to think?
CTV Graphic of Douglas Channel. If the general public believes this unfathomable unrealistic CTV presentation of the hazards what can one expect the public to think?
Compare the real maps with the graphic presentation by CTV. Could CTV be accused of deliberate misrepresentation?
Compare the real maps with the graphic presentation by CTV. Could CTV be accused of deliberate misrepresentation?
fact or fiction find myself in trouble
Comment by mary on 13th March 2012
Apocalypse now...i have my name here and contact information, i do not run when i find myself in trouble, or use creative names or limited communications. Put out facts not fiction, pls attend all information regarding any projects, education, involvement and respecting peoples point of view while establishing good information gathering is vital to our survival, and at the same time managing our carbon footprint.
No pipeline here
Comment by Paul Dament, Alberta on 11th March 2012
Why do i hope the pipeline goes thru,well for one is to help make the economy productive.I fully respect the peoples choice,however all of the reasons given are BS.If the argument was half true,that would make a good start, instead of giving lame arguments.

If you were to say,simply because we want to be self-reliant,without gov't subsidies,welfare,excellent infrastructure that Kitimat has,like the beautiful pool,roads,transit etc.Then no problem,but when the countries economic future,unfortunately,depends on resource extraction because we don't have the people to make enough stuff to sell and pay for all the free stuff we get.You know,health care,schools etc.I mean BC is the socialist capital in Canada,free everything,including heroin for junkies,but no one wants to pay for it.You all think the blue eyed arabs in Alberta should pay for it,well time to help instead of watching.
So if you're willing to take yourselves off the grid entirely,no free anything,no subsidies of any type,no NG for heating,no fuel for your vehicles,snow blowers etc,then no problem.However,when your part of a community,you have a duty to partake in everyone's prosperity,isn't that part of your doctrine?

The US is failing economically,and if you haven't heard, Asia is the future.So it makes sense to sell our goods to people that want them,or say goodbye to the cushy life your living.

As far as refining oil,we don't have enough people to build and work the plants.How many of you lefties are gonna' go get a boilermakers ticket and come and get a real job?

By the way,there will be super tugs taxiing the tankers in and out.I believe three per ship.Nobody talks about those jobs,they'll be lots of communications and jobs like the tankers.I bet at least a hundreds support jobs just for that.

I know kitimat is beautiful,i love it there.It may be my favorite place in BC and i would hate for it to become a little Fort Macmurry,and it would be a crime if anything happened to the waters and coast there.But i don't believe that will happen.Technology is so far advanced,they have no issues in most of the world,and because it's BC,it will be treated especially well with a focus of keeping it pristine.I believe it's best for Canada,and it'll done so well you all will be impressed and pleased at how well Kitimat will do all the while remaining the gem it is.It can be done and will be.When you sit back and keep an open mind,i hope you'll see it's a great choice for a world leading port.
When I find my self in times of trouble....
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 9th March 2012
Mary Murphy comes to me ....speaking words of wisdom? Councilor Murphy ,I didnt understand what the point of your comment was.
Same lame list Linda
Comment by Paul Dament, Alberta on 5th March 2012
I don't understand the same list you alway's present,is there something your saying in a hidden agenda?I'm sure the Port of Vancouver doesn't have the high tides or winds,pretty sure the same ocean they travel does though.Granted,the north coast has pretty nasty weather,it's really not the only place in all the worlds oceans that does,and the "outside" of the island is quite tracherous and complicated,and they seem to negotiate the route pretty well.

You still didn't present any quantitative facts,only hyperbole and simple minded rehtoric.If you want to make an argument,please quit with the same old dry bunk.I might be inclined to consider your point,if it were a good one.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 4th March 2012
Listen ,why are you so against the people of Kitimat not wanting a pipeline. Refine the oil in Alberta, keep the pollution in one spot and we will build a pipeline to Alberta to ship fresh clean drinking water to you people when yours is undrinkable and cancer causing. Its a win win,you get the jobs from refining the oil and we get the jobs from shipping the water....Deal?
Question ,not a fact or fear mongering...
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 4th March 2012
There will be approximately 265 oil tanker trips up and down our channel, per year. Then if all these LNG plants get built ,how many ships will be entering our waters to haul the LNG ? What would happen if one of those very large oil tankers was to lose control or power and started drifting towards an LNG ship moored at the terminal. Will it happen... not sure ,possibility ?Has any one thought about this?
fact or fiction
Comment by mary murphy on 4th March 2012
Vancouver does get high winds, how many times does the ferries get cancelled? Damage in vancouver because of high winds...power outages! slightly lower tides then kitimat. open pacific waters perhaps you get 100 ft waves? Kitimat? When??100 ft waves in the douglas channel are called tsunani. jobs are what you make it, and this area has benefited from industry for many years, and still to this day! 90 deg turns...not one but three! really! But no worries, in the province on sunday-the oil will be directed to Vancouver, oh...export will double...super tankers..does that pipeline go under the fraser river? i am not from vancouver, but still know some basic facts!
facts or fear mongering?
Comment by djb on 4th March 2012
It is true Vancouver doesnt have 20 ft tides. ( 15 or 16 at most) but how is that relevant? After some research I couldnt find any records of these 100 ft waves. Sound like a rural myth to me. As for 90 degree turns, I dont see any- some may be close but what is to stand in the way of a good story. As for jobs, somehow 27 doesnt seem to be very realistic either. A few thousand man years of temporary work , and many more in the maintneance etc. Vancouver has many time the traffic, and potential for human errors/incidences.
As for the refernce to the politicians,it seems like both sides are catering to fearmongering!
Comment by LINDA HALYK on 2nd March 2012
The FACT is Paul these are the FACTS.

You prefer not to hear or see them as FACTUAL.

Vancouver does not have tides that rise and fall 20 feet. Vancouver does not get 130 km winds and 100 foot waves, and have three 90 degree turns.

FACT: that is why Vancouver has no incidents.

Why Exxon: to show some people that just don't get it, FACT there still is a problem with oil from the Valdez.

Fear Mongering: FACT: look at Harper, Oliver, Toews, EthicalOil, Kathryn Marshall, Ezra Levant and the list goes on. FACT: Those are your fear mongers.

You do have one point correct; Where are the jobs? FACT certainly aren't going to be many (27 woohoo) from Enbridge.

Fear Monger and truth denier
Comment by Paul Dament, Alberta on 26th February 2012
Cullen,why must you go all the way back to the Exxon incident?Far different then NDP ideology,the rest of the world has actually evolved!Are you aware of the fact that tankers have used the busy port of Vancouver,which is far narrower,shallower without incidents?How will you respond to the fact that in the Scandiavian region of Europe,they have had no incidents.They also use much narrower and shallower inlets,and are far busier then Kitimat would ever hope to be.

Why must you be such a fear monger,you seldom present all the FACTS,only rehtoric and simple minded talking points.Waht are you trying to hide?Perhaps some southern finacial supporters??

Once again,where are the jobs.What are YOU doing to bring businesses and work for the future to the region?Oh,that's right!Your personal career is on the front burner,leadership hopeful.Good luck,remember being a LEADER is far more then a title,it takes character and foresight.It seems you lack severly in both counts!

Facts,that's all we need,Facts!