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COMMENTARY · 20th February 2012
Campaign promises just to get one elected. Where have we heard and seen this before, reminiscent of Federal & Provincial politics?

It's been a long time since I've heard anything so blatant and bold faced as what Councilor Murphy replied to Dieter Wagner tonight in council. I don't have her statement verbatim. I'm sure the Daily will post it.

Councilor Murphy when you stood regarding the Northern Gateway Proposal at the all candidates forum that was just so you could get elected, am I right?
So now as an elected official you say you have to follow the majority. Put your own personal stance to the back, but you were elected on your personal stance. This seems a little hypocritical and I'm not feeling the integrity.

What majority would that be Councilor Murphy the people of Kitimat or the Mayor and other Councilor's?
How do you know what the majority wants, you and four of the other elected officials voted NO to a referendum?

Three years of broken election promises, I hope the majority is happy. Remember the old saying "BECAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR".

broken promises
Comment by mary on 23rd February 2012
Thanks Linda, things can change, nowhere do I remember stating I would be making a decision before the JRP's completed. I did state that I was pro..and feel that the risks out ways the benefits, at this time. Most of my working life I fought to have environmental improvements and issues dealt with, while others benefited. Continually our group butted heads with management, while others profited the benefits of working for industry without the conflict. They now can sit back enjoying the benefits gained by working for industries and continually try to tie hands of others who want to hear all information. I will still attend all session, look for improvements as my campaign brochure stated., as always I will met with government officials, and others, to establish a commitment to use our resources to create jobs in the community. I thank you Linda for informing me of your views, Please feel free to call me anytime for clarification, or any information. Like all groups it’s important to secure environmental excellence, and keep the community informed, we rely on all groups to keep up the job that they are doing. thanks again, Mary