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REPORTING · 20th February 2012
Walter McFarlane
Councillor Edwin Empinado had a pair of motions which he brought forward at the Regular Meeting of Council on Monday, February 6th. Both regarded recycling. His first motion was for administration to prepare a report of items that can be recycled in Kitimat and the desirability of prohibiting them from the landfill.

“The taxpayer is required to pay eco fees when purchasing goods covered by stewardship programs,” said Empinado. “At the end of life, many of these goods are discharged into our landfill. Many of these goods, such as batteries, electronics and small appliances leak toxic metals into the landfills and therefore into the water.”

The motion was carried.

The second motion was for Council to write to the Product Care Association and ask them to set up some education programs concerning what can be recycled in the District of Kitimat.

He explained the BC Government has legislated recycling regulations. Product Care has the contract for electronics and other electrical things. There have not seen tools to educate the residents about what can be recycled.

He added the producer should be responsible for reducing it, reusing it and re-collecting it, not the municipalities.

Councillor Rob Goffinet agreed, hoping to involve Kitimat Understanding the Environment in this process. Councillor Mario Feldhoff stated most products have a fee for recycling them now. It would make sense to educate the public as to what can be recycled.

Empinado stated the contractor at the dump brings cardboard to the recycling depot. Some companies will even pick up large appliances so the contractor does not have to remove the hazardous materials.

The motion was called and carried.