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NEWS RELEASE · 16th February 2012
Associated Press Dirk Meissner
B.C. energy minister slams local council over opposition to Enbridge pipeline

TERRACE, B.C. - Energy Minister Rich Coleman has criticized Terrace city council for its decision to oppose the $5.5-billion Northern Gateway oil pipeline.

Mr. Coleman said Wednesday he can't tell municipal politicians what to do, but he prefers local politicians to follow the B.C. government and hold off on taking a stand on the controversial project until the completion of federal environmental review hearings in 2013.

“We've said all along, the premier's said all along, we're going to wait for that [joint review panel] process. I think some of these other jurisdictions should do the same,” he said.

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Comment by Linda Halyk on 17th February 2012

You will not and can not protect the municipalities.
So why should we not take matters into their own hands.
Communities have been sacraficed before. Deals have been struck behind closed doors, and communities suffer.
This government has done nothing good for the North.
You have destroyed forestry jobs, shut down mills and shipped our raw resources and jobs over seas.
Did you discuss this with the municipalities, probably not?
The North keeps losing jobs and citizens and because of that we have school closures and healthcare cuts.
We have more families using food banks then ever before, do you care, what are you doing for us. NOT A THING.
It is time we protected ourselves, our property, our drinking water, stopped jobs from being shipped over seas and destruction of the Great Bear Rain Forest.

Dumb and Dummer
Comment by Larry on 17th February 2012
Minister Coleman is speaking with fork tongue. I am sure he is aware that once the JPR ruling is handed down, whatever local governments say will have no bearing on whether the pipeline goes ahead (and it will).

It is like closing the barn door after the cows got out.
Money Hungry Pigs!
Comment by Joey Ocsovai on 17th February 2012
Good on Terrace for taking a stand on this no win pipeline project. Review or no review this project has a ton of long term risk with minimal benefit. I too would like the north to prosper, not in this way! . All the government is worried about is their tax money any way they can get it with no consideration as to the possible enviromental mess that a major spill would cause. Maybe Rich Coleman needs to be in tune with what is happening in the north and work towards other viable projects that will bring safe, sustainable, long term work for the north and province instead of yapping about community leaders that are brave enough to take a stand on issues that truly could have a serious effect on how we live.