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COMMENTARY · 3rd February 2012
Linda Halyk
Seems to me Kitimat District needs to get some applause for this . We had an Economic Development Officer (Diane Hewlitt) who travelled far and wide promoting Kitimat as the closest to Asia route for shipping. Kitimat spent millions of dollars over the last decade promoting our shipping advantage to Asian markets.
Now Photo-Op Clark takes full credit. Kitimat has no control or knowledge over these proposals and the buck ( no bucks for DOK) stops here. We get all the risk and none of the glory. Our Mayor and council will allow more man camps and our infrastructure will suffer and we will get no upgrades as we are a transient village. Our numbers will ebb and flow just like the tides in the Channel.

Granted shipping LNG is cleaner than shipping bitumen but we still will have large tankers travelling Douglas Channel disturbing our sea life, with noise pollution, diesel pollution and ballast pollution. Kitimat can be the port to greener energy as long as Enbridge and the bitumen sands are not shipped through here.