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REPORTING · 31st January 2012
Walter McFarlane
Watch it on Kitimat Daily Videos: Does Cablecar need better lighting AND Should Cablecar Tie in to Kitimat's Sewer System.

Councillor Mary Murphy brought forward a pair of motions at the City Council Meeting on January 16th, both regarding the Cablecar Subdivision. One motion regarded the lighting in Cablecar, while the other motion was about tying the Cablecar sewer system with Kitimatís.

ďThis has been on the table, Iíve been told, several years, I think 2009 was the last one and there is a safety concern out in Cablecar, especially when weíre trying to encourage people to walk around in the evening and get some exercise and really, itís very dangerous,Ē said Murphy.

She expressed she lives in Cablecar and with the animals around the community, itís dangerous. Councillor Mario Feldhoff said the motion is about getting information, defining proper lighting and figuring out how to pay for that. He contemplated whether everyone should pay for it or if it should be paid for by the residents of Cablecar.

Councillor Rob Goffinet wanted a definition of proper lighting. He wanted to know if it was improved lighting.

Head of the District of Kitimat Engineering Department, Tim Glieg said it is easy to come up with a cost for this. Proper lighting is already installed in Cablecar. The discussion is whether there should be no lighting at all, so people can enjoy the stars at night, lighting everywhere, or lights on intersections. Cablecar has lighting on intersections.

He suggested surveying the residents of Cablecar as to what they want. Last time, the people did not want lights on every pole.

The motion was called and carried.

Her second motion was to look into the cost of tying Cablecarís sewer system to the city and look into testing whether there is leaching from the Cablecar septic tanks into the river water.

She expressed septic tanks are not lifetime investments. She expressed there was a smell in some of the ditches. There was some clarification during in camera meetings but she did not think the ditches were sanitary.

Feldhoff wanted the motion divided. He wanted to look into the costs. He expected them to be significant but he wanted the information so they could make an informed decision. As for testing, a different order of government does the testing. He did not want to take on the roll of additional testing. Murphy reminded him the motion was find out how to go about getting the testing done and which ministry should be doing this.

Both motions were carried. Feldhoff and Councillor Corrine Scott were opposed to testing.
Suicide Turn-off Lanes of Cablecar
Comment by Donald Rolfe on 13th February 2012
What Cablecar really needs is a safer highway. The existing De-merge lane is too short and doesn't even meet current Department of Transportation engineering standards for De-merge lanes.

And returning from Terrace there is no De-merge lane at all! On a 100 km/hr highway this is a potential danger to everyone. I think town council should lobby the provincial government to look at this area of Cablecar for improvement.