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REPORTING · 27th January 2012
Randy Halyk
I was drinking my coffee this morning and clicking the usual News via my desktop, places like local online news, faceBook, twitter, Newsletters subscriptions, and my Google alerts. They always lead me to stories I would not see in the printed press or TV Media until later if ever, plus they are very current usually within hours of actual events.

The stories I read and the Video I watched have lead me to an interesting conclusion today. I believe we have reached a very critical point in our history here in Canada. It all started with earlier comments from Prime Minister Harper, the comments revolved around the concerns he has about Canadians actual taking part in environmental hearings and condemning those that do as haratics and enemies of the state.

The Prime Minister has drawn a line in the sand and the Canadian people are up in arms demanding respect and the right to be concerned and express themselves. Harper is on a binge reducing the Environmental Ministry to a (Yes Man group). Making a mockery of the House of Parliament, and suggesting that regular Canadians donít deserve to retire comfortably or have fundamental health care.

My conclusion after a time was that I should find some way to archive todayís January 27, 2012 information and dissention on the internet for posterity as it looks like a run up to revolution (The Canadian Spring).

There are polls asking for the PMís resignation, there are whistleblowers surfacing from all walks of life, and even his party and backers are making statements to distance themselves from him in hope that they will not be brought down with him I suppose. The Prime Ministers actions are being scrutinized and condemned in usually supportive Canadian press and also in the international press.

Maybe the usually docile Canadian has had enough, maybe the silent majority is finally moved to action, maybe the comfortable Canadian sees the possibility of losing their right to free thought, and their belief that the status quo is just and secure and will protect them from the evils of dirty politics.

After what I read today I hope so for the sake of our Country and its citizens and all that we hold dear.
Harper is a busy man..
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 31st January 2012
He is too busy to do any belt tightening for himself. He has winter Olympics and the occasional hockey game for him and his body guards to go too. Away with the Dictator
saving dollars
Comment by al earl on 30th January 2012
if Harper wants to save money he should find a differant way than ripping off our seniors and raising taxes, he might try this communication tool called skype, pretty cheap and you dont have to fly to Switzerland or China or wherever he wants to spread his communist views, think of what it costs for airfare to any one of these countries, a holiday few people can afford, never mind first class accomodations, does he fly by himself, I think not, he probably has an enterouge of body gaurds secrataries, and ministers, etc that accompany him.if he was like the rest of us, hed pay 15 bucks a month and communicate in the modern world, our parents need their savings just as we will need ours, so Mr Harper, if you care as much as you say, tighten your belt like the rest of us are forced to, taking away healthcare is a sure fire way of reducing pension payments, but that my friend, is not the Canadian way