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REPORTING · 27th January 2012
Joe Friesen-Bill Curry
After five years of minority governments, Stephen Harper finally has the freedom to act.

He’s no longer looking at the limited horizon of the next budget or the next election. He’s planning on transforming Canada for a generation or more. This is Stephen Harper’s blueprint for reform.

Although short on details, Mr. Harper’s speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Thursday made clear the sweep of his ambition. He will change how Canadians finance their retirement. He will overhaul the immigration system. He will make oil and gas exports to Asia a “national priority” and aggressively pursue free trade in India and Europe.

“Western nations, in particular, face a choice of whether to create the conditions for growth and prosperity, or to risk long-term economic decline. In every decision, or failure to decide, we are choosing our future right now,” Mr. Harper said.

“We’ve already taken steps to limit the growth of our health-care spending. … We must do the same for our retirement-income system.”

He said he plans to make Canada’s old-age supplement program sustainable. What that means is unclear. He did not spell out whether seniors will have to wait longer to receive the benefit or whether clawbacks would be increased for higher income earners.

Read the Rest from the Globe and Mail Here
Tar versus OIl
Comment by Linda Halyk on 2nd February 2012
I stand corrected it isn't tar sands but it isn't oil sands either it is BITUMEN.

When they ship it, it's DILBIT, diluted bitumen and the benzene only one of the chemicals in the concauction they use to get it to flow will kill you if you breath it.

Tankers are hauling along the coast you are absolutely right but they do not have to make three (3) 90 degree turns in a channel that tides are 20 feet everyday, They then head into the stormiest Pacific Coastal waters, known to have 30 meter waves and 110 kmh winds.
The tankers today from Alaska are far out in open water.

The problem is Paul we are not selling the oil to the poorer Nations we are selling it to China to refine. The more hands it goes through the more it costs. So if you are such a great humanitarian then it should be refined here in Alberta environmentally clean beautiful "ETHICAL OIL" and given to these poor nations at a fair and descent price, not the over inflated petrostate prices.
Check Alberta Oil find out how many leaks, there have been plenty. Something like 1200 over last 15 years.
Suspicious leaks (right) just like I'm a foreign paid eco radical terrorist and a threat to my country.

The vomit is from the nauseating lies and false innuendos spun by Joe Oliver, Crime Minister Harper, Kathryn Marshall, Ezra Levant and (we have no ties to government ) Ethical Oil. Ask them where they get their funding they won't answer you.

How many jobs do you think Kitimat is going to get? We are the end of the line here and we take the biggest risk and a big fat what 30 jobs, woe that will really grow our economy.

What exactly are you winning? The pollution, cancer, mutation race.
Again,i'll point out your errors and shortsightedness
Comment by Paul Dament, Alberta on 1st February 2012
I know china cares less about us then they do about Tibet.So what?I only want to trade with them since they hold the future of higher GDP then anyone else with the exception of India.It ain't 'bout who likes who,that's childish.I live in the real world of, can i pay my own way or do i become a layabout who resides on the 'dole'.I like to work and i like to make money,i do have standards but money is a requirement.And your gonna' need more of it,not less.

As far as a spill is concerned,your wrong on several counts.One,the oil,bitchiman is warmer then the snow.In time it will melt the snow and presto,a laymen like you can SEE the spill.However,if we agree tha oil is an expensive commodity,and oil companies are greedy(a quote you utilize i'm sure),then the minute the oil company loses any amount of their valuable product(which they constantly monitor),they want to detect it,and repair the issue.They don't stand back and let it flow while turning their back on the problem!The people that operate,run these companies are just people.Many of you paint them with a picture closer to an animal then a human.They live on the land,some of them farm,fish,camp.They have kids,they have illnesses and they have a concious.No different then anyone else.Don't lose site of the fact that we all prosper from their hard work.Like it or not.Even the treasonist,David Suzuki gets tons of doe from the industry.See how Quebec feels about being cut off of the welfare Canada give them and then see how valuable the oil industry is.You think BC could be the province it is without the oil industry.The weed you guys grow won't pay the bills i'm afraid.The welfare state of living is over,i don't want to become Greece,we have to pay for your lavish lifestyle someow!

Time to get in the real world people,into the real world and out of the Jersey Shore mentality.
Hey Paul!!!!!
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 1st February 2012
If we really cared about helping the poor in other countries ,we would be giving them what they need for free. Instead the IMF lends them money they will never be able to repay and dictate to them the terms and conditions of how the debt will be repaid. Basically the countries lose their sovereignty. You think the chinese care about us? They are securing their future at the expense of ours by buying up a finite supply of our oil. Canada is doomed if Harper isn't removed. By the way do u understand the geography of BC, oil spills are not easily detected in mountain passes and under 30 ft of snow .It will take months to detect a slow leak....when I say slow leak I mean a leak that can be detected by their monitoring equipment. Dont preach you should try to enlighten.
"i think i'm winning!"
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 31st January 2012
You really think so?. It sounds so much like a smug outsider telling the folks in BC's North what is really good for them. As though we can't decide for ourselves.
wrong,so wrong
Comment by Paul Dament, Alberta on 30th January 2012
First of all,there isn't tar in the sands,that's a refined product.that's why they're called "oil sands".Secondly,Canada emites 3% of the worlds CO2,the "OIL SANDS" produce 1/10 of that.Fact.Thirdly,"nuclear bomb"?The oil sands encompass less then 1% of the breal forest that you say is destroyed.See some of the reclaimed land,terriffic.See it for yourself.

I will agree that China has some horrific problems,however they don't support terrorist regimes bent on seeing our way of life destroyed.They are becoming more free,certainly have along way to go,agreed.

Your also wrong about my research,where do you get you information?I suppose you sit under a Lotus tree and you find it in a cloud?Whoever you get your info from is misinformed or lying.It's very rich for you to rant to me about mindless drivvel when you,almost word for word quote an article in the paper.Your own research i suppose.Brilliant.

There are pipelines in those places you mentioned with the exception of Kananaskis lake.It's important to note that you wern't aware of it because of the non issue it is.No spills to be concerned with.There are lines over and /or under most rivers in Alberta,some lakes as well.

Spills aren't inevetible,infact quite rare.Granted there have been some highly suspicious leaks recently,seems the few there were happened to Enbridge,hmmm interesting.Funny how some were actually found to be caused by "SOMEONE" trying to make a point,i suppose.

I would like nothing better then for all of the world to live in perfect harmony with the planet.An Adem and EVE kinda' place.But as you can see,we all like our stuff far to much for us to revert back to the good old days,and for us to not share the wealth with developing countries in the way of trade instead of simply cut cheques is rather arrogant proposed by a filthy rich nation made up of selfish people.We have oil,we'er a rich nation because of it.Most of Canada lives off wealth distribution payments made from oil revenues,northern BC has some gigantic exploits in the field.The world needs it to make life more pleasent for the people living there.Try living without power for a week,then tell the poorer nations to do remain poor because we don't want sell them the lifeblood of a nation.That;s right,oil makes the world go round.

By the way,the Americans are salavating at the idea of getting our oil.XL will go thru,Obama just made an obvious plea to the Envirornmentalist and radical left to secure their votes,pathetic really,but funny all the same.Read him like a book on the back of the toilet.

Lastly,you know not what's in my heart nor where it lays down at night.I love the coast and all of it's magical wonder,i'd hate to see it destroyed.I don't belive it will,there are tankers up and down the west coast as we speak.Hauling oil,fuel etc,any problems??Don't think so.

Stop the propoganda vomit.It's really getting old and astonishingly simple.

Thanks for the reply and debate,but i think i'm winning!lol
Paul Dament
Comment by Linda Halyk on 30th January 2012
I do support your industry, that is why I want it to stay in Alberta where you can continue to work.
Refine it in Alberta ship it through pipelines existing pipelines to the East Coast of Canada where they are still importing as you like to call it" middle eastern madmens' oil.
You would rather we send it to China, not seeing your reasoning here. I believe China's humanitarian standards and their environmental standards are one of the lowest in the world. You really want to send oil to China so this can happen again check the following link:Oil spill in Dalian, China .
This is not how I want to see our West Coast obviously you don't live here or at least now. There are many lakes and rivers in Alberta How about you just open a value on a bitumen pipeline into say Sylvan, Gull, Kanananskis Lake or how about the Bow, North Saskatchewan, Elbow River. You wouldn't like it anymore than we do you work in the field you know spills are inevitable.
Shipping the oil to Kitimat then over to Asia does not create the number of jobs we need to build this economy.
Foreign financed: use your own mind and research don't follow the mindless drivel of the likes of EthicalOil and Ezra Levant also our Crime Minister and his stooge Oliver. Get your facts straight I'm not getting paid I am one person. Read the papers the US doesn't want our dirty oil either, hey there still is a border that means you're a foreigner.

Better oil lol that takes enough natural gas to heat 3 million homes plus if I remember correctly 3 barrels of water per 1 barrel of oil. Better oil my bippy plus never mind the devastation being caused to Northern Alberta it looks a nuclear bomb hit. Environmentally improved what are you talking about Fort Mac has 2/3 of all of Canada's pollution.
The only prosperity will be in the pockets of BIG OIL. BC will be left with the clean up bill and damned if any of you will come help, Enbridge sure won't.
Refine it where it is find an alternative to shipping it through the mountains, slow down advancement of the tarsands use those billions to find alternatives fuels etc.
Comment by Paul Dament on 29th January 2012
Perhaps in your little world of foriegn financed opposition sheeple there's a groundswell of support for non employment or finacial independence,however in the rest of Canada,we want the option to sell to other countries other than your supporters in the US.

However,knowing exactly where you are coming from,it doesn't surprise me that you'd prefer to,and the world to use coal,and of course middle Eastern madmens' oil as opposed to reeping the benifits of using our highly regulated,envirornmentally improved and getting better oil.

I mean it's not like we,in the Canadian oilpatch employ Indigenous people insted of killing them.Employ more women then are killed for "mercy" in Iran,and try very hard to improve local economies and bring prosperety to local communities.So well said Linda,why would you want to support our industry?
Comment by Linda Halyk on 27th January 2012
Have you ever seen such a smug face?
He may be laughing out the other side soon enough.

I don't think Crime Minister Harper, realizes that he has poked the sleeping dragon to many times.
There is a ground swell of opposition to the Northern Gateway Proposal and Tanker Traffic on the West Coast.

Those grass roots people who are opposed to the proposal, are not eco environmental terrorists or radicals. We are ordinary people who live along and within the proposed route. We know what we have is precious and we will not see it destroyed. We want the air, the water, the soil and other species to survive for our Granchildren and their children. We are standing strong with our First Nation's sisters and brothers. We are united and united we will stand for the good of our land and it's people. We will not allow you Mr Harper to line the pockets of foreign investors with our natural resources and destroy the West Coast in the process. The Dragon is awake and her and her supporters are not happy.

This proposal is destructive to Alberta, British Coulmbia and the World stop Enbridge and the expansion of the TARSANDS now.

Comment by FayEllen McFarlane on 27th January 2012
"In every decision, or failure to decide, we are choosing our future right now."
Kitimat Council, are you listening?