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NEWS RELEASE · 26th January 2012
Bill Graveland- Canadian Press
Federal energy minister: new regulatory process to be introduced within a year

"We need to make sure that the regulatory process occurs within a defined and limited timeframe so they don't go on forever. Mackenzie Valley pipeline project took nine years to be approved. This is excessive, so that's one of the issues we're going to be looking at."

At an earlier event in Calgary, Oliver made it clear that the government would not intervene in the Northern Gateway process, but was optimistic that aboriginal leaders would eventually come to support the pipeline.

Oliver said he had the opportunity to discuss the project with aboriginal leaders at the First Nations summit in Ottawa, including a number of chiefs from British Columbia.

"It's always been my hope and continues to be that this pipeline would address issues that will create economic activity that will be beneficial," said Oliver.

"We believe the aboriginal communities and First Nations can benefit in a transformative way from some of these developments. There's money on the table, there's equity participation and there's jobs, so it's our hope to continue to have a dialogue with the First Nations and see whether we together can achieve our objectives.

"We have a moral and constitutional obligation to consult and accommodate and we of course will do that."

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Comment by Linda Halyk on 4th February 2012
Very strange you chose to ship that poisonus bitumen thru BC's mountains, then turn around and say NIMBY to a plant. As it is an issue to chose a community to put it in. Let them fight over it or not. Start a new GREEN TOWN with state of the art refinery, sewers, heat, electricity it will offset the carbon foot print of the Bitumen Sands and the refineries. Then when the oil is all gone you can flourish as the green town and sell environmental equipment to homeowners all over the world.

The process is not being hyjacked that is all gabblefab by Oiliver & the Crime Minister.
Hey Paul...again!
Comment by FayEllen McFarlane on 2nd February 2012
Here? Where? By who?

Are you suggesting that China has more skilled labour to refine the oil than we have here? Are you saying that they have the billions needed to build the plant and we don't?

And are you suggesting that possibly there are communities that might be unwilling to host a refinery in Alberta?

...Just curious!
Refine it here?Where?By who?
Comment by Paul Dament, Alberta on 1st February 2012
So,if i get it right.Your willing to sell the refined oil to China?So it's OK to pipeline it thru Kitimat then onto tankers on their way to Asia?

Great,let's git 'er dunn!

Don't know where your gonna' process it.There is a severe shortage of skilled labour in that field,not to mention the billions needed to build the plants,then of course the pipelines to ship it,and there's the issue of what community will be the chosen ones to have the pants in their backyard.

As far as my "Propoganda" is concerned.I'm afraid taht you must have my proven information confused with something Suzuki said.Tell me what's mistaken and i'll look into it.

There was an American Envirornmentalist,who wrote a letter to this very publication stating his trepedation whith travelling here because of our horrible envirornmental standards.that's just one example.Just to note,i politely asked him to stay home and try to mitigate the slave trade and sloppy standards they approve.I don't think he was happy with me.Add him to the list!

Hey Paul...
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 30th January 2012
Can you come up with some better propaganda .I am getting Tired of the same old stuff about American environmental groups funding the anti pipeline citizens. Lets just refine it here and sell the Americans and the Chinese the finished product.... are you OK with that? As a matter of fact Europe will probably ned our oil too now that Iran is being embargoed.
Stupid people need not apply
Comment by Paul Dament on 29th January 2012
I agree anyone with true insight, information and concern ought to be heard. However, all of the people that every American Environmentalist group has signed up to speak doesn't need to bother being heard. They embarked on a campaign to slow the process, a process that's being hijacked by US funded groups that doesn't want Canada to sell the Bitumen to Asia but sell it to them when they renegotiate a better trade deal with the XL pipeline. I say speed it up and we can open new markets for ourselves and our future. Trades with the US are going to decline, especially when they create taxes for goods not American made.
Oiliver the frontman of Enbridge
Comment by H.Sanou on 28th January 2012
Minister Oiliver has no clue of what it is to live up here, whereas he stomps around the country proclaiming "the lefties are eco terrorists" we are concerned about our own well being.
Notice how the lower mainland of BC is in favour of the Gateway pipeline, why? it will not affect them if it all goes wrong.
AS for the aboriginal's support he is right out of touch once more they will not be bought with lies and corruption.
hang on a minute
Comment by al earl on 26th January 2012
planning a birthday party takes a year, what you are saying is people care and have concerns and you dont want to listen because it takes to long, once again, sorry bout your luck, but thats what democracy is, the right off all people to have a say, if it takes 10 years or a hundred to be heard, so be it.
haste makes waste, well known fact, you (Canadian government) are suggesting to rush through a process without everyones input, and apologize later when the poop hits the fan, this (pipeline)is not a slap on the hand learning experience if it goes wrong, this is environmental and economic disaster that Canada will have to recover from for years to come, the oil isnt going anywhere, its in Canada and always will be there, there is no rush to have to get rid of it, it wont go bad or get stolen late one night and it seems the demand will allways be there for it, take the time it needs to solve this issue, if people are voicing their opinions its because they have interests and should be heard