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CONTRIBUTION · 25th January 2012
Randy Halyk
Just received Enbridgeís response to requests and this passage jumped out at me. I have been harping about the short term jobs that this proposal is offering and now this is proof that no one in the guide industry will see a dime of workers money.

Although I donít believe this proposal will pass fair scrutiny, we should be prepared if it does and Kitimat Council doesnít get involved there will be nothing for our service industries either. Council doesnít have to be in favor or opposed just be involved.

Donít get me wrong, the workers must be controlled and either way will cause havoc with our infrastructure, but without a plan to protect Kitimat businesses Enbridge will be able to do as they please. District of Kitimat has intervener status but have done absolutely nothing with it; not one scrap of paper has been submitted.

Volume 7A Construction Environmental Protection and Management Plan (EPMP) states that Project personnel and contractors will be prohibited from hunting and fishing along the RoW, [Right of Way] at the marine terminal, and at other construction sites during project construction. Crews staying in construction camps will also not be allowed to hunt or fish. Harvesting invertebrates will also be prohibited at the marine terminal site and ancillary facilities.
Enbridge stinks of lies and deseption
Comment by Randy Halyk on 27th January 2012
Mika, Let me be clear I have supported this community and will continue to do so whether elected or not. And as a member of this community have every right as you do to state my case. I was there when hundreds of citizens made their voices heard at the all candidates forum. Each and every Councilor spoke in soft tones about the Enbridge proposal suggesting that it is wrong for Canada. Those that spoke out and let it be known where they stand have my respect those like your Mayor and some Councilors that hide behind ambiguous statements donít.

The point is do the benefits outweigh the costs. As a person that has made it a point to find these answers by attending a multitude of meeting, seminars, webinars, technical sessions, and also attending the Enbridge propaganda sessions called CABís, and as an intervener have the privilege of seeing all the submissions to the JRP. My conclusion is that the costs are too great and any level of preparedness will not be enough to protect you. Additionally the loss to Canada that this proposal creates both in lost jobs as well as lost economic opportunity for Canada and Canadians plus being unsafe environmentally is far too great.

It is your Mayor and Council that has given up the leadership to the corporations that are here and expected to be here. Kitimat has the mechanisms to limit the Man camps that have and will spring up around our town taking opportunity from our own enterprises. So you may be educated the camp at Rio Tinto has prohibited any workers from living outside of it. The proposal by Enbridge will do the same as will Apache.

Youíre Mayor and the majority of Council has not stood up for Kitimat instead is standing up for the corporations. I on the other hand have always said we need to demand that our community is given the opportunity first then after the companies have invested in our infrastructure like many other municipalities demand and rightfully so, should they build camps Take a look at Dawson Creek for example.

As I stated Mayor and Council do not need to say yea or nay they only have to get involved. Other local government interveners have submitted reams of requests and comments so as to protect the interests of their communities without Councilís yea or nay. Kitimat as the community with the most to win or lose have said nothing, Council and the Administration sit on their hands and hope the Haisla Nation and Douglas Channel Watch will ask the right questions.

If not your Mayor and Council then whom do you expect to protect the interests of Kitimat, Stephan Harper?
Shutting down the Kitimat
Comment by Brandon Haley on 26th January 2012
I heard that Enbridge wants to shut down the entire Kitimat River during construction! sounds like to me they're trying to hide something!
Reading, Writing and Comprehension Fail?
Comment by Mika Vossi on 25th January 2012
Mr. Halyk, the once Mayoral prospect, it has lately become apparent of your disrespect for the same council you once served on. Upon reading this submission it is casting some insight as to the cause of the dysfunction.

Let's start here . "I have been harping about the short term jobs that this proposal is offering and now this is proof that no one in the guide industry will see a dime of workers money." There are long term jobs attached to this venture but probably not enough to suit your taste. Perhaps if the permanent job numbers were adequate the proposal would be more feasible for you. However, the several years of short term employees would actually be of benefit to Guides and the like. Volume 7A merely implies that those employees are prohibited from said activities in areas related to the PROPOSED project, wherever that may be.

This statement is also perplexing, "Donít get me wrong, the workers must be controlled and either way will cause havoc with our infrastructure". Are you suggesting that the workers that come here to make good money to provide for their families should be interned in a prison camp, void of any of the beauty Kitimat offers. Wasn't there a notion once to encourage people to relocate here, your notion certainly doesn't encourage that.

The community in itself should be accommodating and gracious hosts to our shot term guests, so that when they disembark from their stay, a memorable flavor is retained. There is no hope to be a Tourism and Hospitality byproduct otherwise.

Furthermore Council is not expected or required to make the Enbridge decision, that onus is on the residents of Kitimat/Kitimaat to parlay their decision to Council, and for them to make the decision known. One cannot have half a dozen or so called wanna-be politicians run amok with the livelihoods of a community, regardless of your stance on the Enbridge issue.