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REPORTING · 24th January 2012
Walter McFarlane
Councillor Mario Feldhoff made a motion in relation to the taxi service in Kitimat on January 16th. The motion was for staff to prepare a report as to whether licensing of cabs was restricting the number of cabs in Kitimat.

“A gentleman had contacted me and said that places like the Legion and people / patrons leaving at 10:00 at night, I’m not talking about in the middle of the night, their waiting, some cases, this is before the Christmas break, 45 minutes to an hour for a cab,” said Feldhoff.

He wanted to know if licensing was restricting the number of cabs. He was worried cabs would get worse and if they would be able to meet the future needs of cabs.

A report was provided with the motion. Feldhoff wanted to make the report available to the facilities around town.

Councillor Phil Germuth said he had talked with the owner of the hotel and they had been running shuttles. They stopped due to conflicts. However, they will be starting this program up again. “They’re going to carry on with that and hopefully be with out the conflict,” said Germuth.

He suggested finding someone to run the taxi. The motion was called and carried. Mayor Joanne Monaghan expressed the motion had already been addressed by the staff but Feldhoff did not withdraw the motion.

The information provided by the Administration explains the requirements under the Passenger Transportation Board (PTB) and what options there are for drinking establishments to give their patrons rides home from the bar.

They could offer a service where a staff member drives people home, provide a free shuttle service, contract with fee based services or operate a fee based shuttle service. Of course, different vehicles require different licenses and different operating licences.