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CONTRIBUTION · 22nd January 2012
Ellis Ross HNC Chief Councilor
I try to keep up on all media which is turning into a job in itself. It’s gotten to the point where we really have to pick and choose who we give interviews to and where we comment. There’s just too much demand for our comments. Out of all the debates I see, this one seems to be the freshest online.

There are very little racist or stereotypical comments and it seems facts, info and ideas are allowed to flow. I can't say the same for the rest of Canada.

If you are a resident of Kitimat and you want to hand your property over to your descendants or if you inherited a property from an ancestor, then our destinies are intertwined.

This JRP is only one project we're working on. Right now we're trying to figure out how much can the territory sustain even on projects that reconcile our rights and title. We’re doing this because of the incredible interest in locating here because of the KMLNG precedent. Business has not been scared away because of the Enbridge predicament. Business is encouraged by everything else we've done. Not one company has asked us about Enbridge or the JRP.

I gave a speech to the BC business council and spoke on how to interact with FN’s in light of the examples such as KMLNG. Later on in the day, Minister Polak congratulated me on the impact our experience had on them. I guess the BCBC president phoned her and relayed the results.

We are not allowing the JRP to slow us down on other projects. We still have to deal with environmental assessments, permitting and project applications that we are asked to weigh in on before the application is submitted.

So thank you for this open letter and thank all of you for attending the JRP hearings and respecting our wishes to keep it civil and orderly.

The next 3-4 years will be the most difficult so good luck to all

Ellis Ross HNC Chief Councilor