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CONTRIBUTION · 19th January 2012
Dieter Wagner
Dear Sir;

Re: Ethical Oil Ads – Jan. 2012

Up till now I have been reluctant to call people and corporations liars in public and the

media, but that has to change for all of us.

Enbridge has been dishonest from the beginning of the Gateway Project and now Ethical Oil is helping out.

Item 1 in their ads Jan 2012: “Foreign Special Interest attacked our forestry jobs”

Well, the provincial government took the forestry licenses that had been granted to pulp and saw mills and handed many to foreign corporations. This resulted in mill closures and ever more raw log exports. Little more than a year ago then forestry minister P. Bell said that we would increase raw log exports 4 to 5 fold. Since Christy Clark took office he reversed his position; he said so when in Terrace with Ms. Clark. But can he be trusted?

Item 2 “attacking Northern Gateway pipeline and the B.C. jobs that come with it.”

There will be very, very few permanent jobs that come with this project. Even during construction, which requires specialized workers, a lot of those if not most will be imported.

Our governments have not seen fit to force profitable companies to train skilled workers like they have always done in Europe.

But ten of thousands of jobs are in jeopardy, not if but when, there is a spill. Be it along the pipe line or the tanker route. It was recently reported that we have lost already nearly

700,000 jobs in manufacturing due to accelerated tar sands projects expansion.

The pressure in a DilBit pipeline is several times as high as in a conventional pipe line.

If there was a relatively small hole and you stand in front of it, it would blow DilBit right

through you.

Item 3 …took $2.2 million in foreign money …

Early in the game Enbridge boasted that they received $100,000,000 from 10 oil companies but they could not say which ones. We now know about some of them; China, Esso, France, etc.

Is this not foreign money? Or does it not count if you are multinational”

But as to ethical oil, are these not the same companies that exploited the people in many oil producing countries indeed with the help of certain government agencies, disposed of governments and placed those in place who paved the way for exploitation?

Item 4 “Say No to foreign special interest…”

Canada once had a national oil company. Prime Minister Trudeau bought Petro Fina and turned it into Petro Canada. I believe he was also instrumental in Suncor.

But that is all gone. Sold off to multinationals like Royal Dutch Shell, etc. by the right wing and centre line parties. Makes me wonder what happened to the proceeds. Make a

few more senators rich?

P.S. I am with Douglas Channel Watch, group of mostly retired people, no big funding other than some small donations from local people.
ethical oil
Comment by Lance Griffin on 21st January 2012
I guess you can call me a radical or as Katheryn Marshall put it"a conspiracy by foreigners" but it is our coastline and our rivers and our wildlife that are being threatened by this stupid idea of pumping oil over 700+ rivers and streams plus the miniscule amount of permanent jobs that will materialize for the citizens of B.C. Not to mention the tankers that will ply our waters which are not the responsability of enbridge so guess who gets stuck with the bill$$$$ if the unthinkable happens.
ps...if you need a laugh and a bit of levity in your life google Katheryn Marshal CBC interview

secret sponsership
Comment by al earl on 20th January 2012
yes we are being secretly sponsered, I took a day off work for the JRP hearings, it cost my family 300 bucks of lost income for me to be a part of history, 300 dollars that are not tax deductable, non refundable and unable to be made up with a spare shift, This statement is true for most if not all of us sponsered radicals, the same radicals that will be taking time off to clean up the mess, sponsered by the same secret companies....ourselves, when Vancouver Island had oil wash upon its shores some years ago, my retired Aunt and Uncle bought a couple of bails of hay, some rags and soap to help clean up the shoreline, a spokesperson from the company that had caused the spill told the volunteers to submit their receipts for re-embursement, they submitted their 60 dollar receipt, and a couple of years later got a letter from the lawyers of the responsible company, since they could not provide evidence that the hay, rags and dishsoap was directly related to the clean up, if they did not subtract their remitance, they would be called to court for fraud.
Remember, we are talking about 60 dollars here, not to mention the hours and hours of back breaking labor and the stress on their eco-system, (they call it home) and the stress on the community and their neighbours.
Many of the people of Vancouver Island spent a lot more than that, the outcome was probably the same. so all and all big brother, I am soley responsible for sponsering myself as a radical, as are all the rest of the radicals, we are all sponsered by ourselves and the preservation of the planet, see if you can take mother nature to court for caring, betcha lose in the long run
the real ethical oil
Comment by bill braam on 20th January 2012
the real ethical oil is the oil left in the ground. It is not going anywhere soon and will still be there in a few hundres millenia. 5.5 billion to just build the pipeline? That much money spent on research for other forms of energy will be well spent. If they really have to ship by pipe why not add one more pipe to the line already in place and increase the safety and spill response capability to its corridor. Why not refine where the oil comes from. There must be some pollution savings if it goes from the tarsand to a finished product in one processing place. I'm also confident that oil can be made by an almost pollution free process. The newest cars are almost pollution free with lots of technology, why can't the oil industry do the same. If we think it is possible it will be possible. Thank you
Comment by Linda Halyk on 19th January 2012
All that oppose would need to chip in and purchase an ad, I don't think we could raise enough money, because like you I know I'm not getting paid to say NO to the pipeline, from foreign interest groups.

Then the question is would they run it? Somehow I think Enbridge, Ethical Oil, and Ourdecision have more money and power with right wing papers than a whole bunch of little guys like us.

The only thing is to stage a rally, make some noise, get the big papers here and have a really good spokesperson.
You know what they say any publicity is good publicity.
Comment by Aaron Mott on 19th January 2012
Every time I hear the ethical oil ads on the radio it makes me want to gag. I just wish there was the opposing ad that came on right afterwards calling out all the B.S. of the ads such as this article has, so that people can form an opinion and not be brainwashed into believing what these people have to say.
In the interests of truth
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 19th January 2012
I'm waiting for someone to reproduce the ad with "Ethical oil" on the banner at the end of the strings. Seems reasonable since the group gets money from Enbridge - and a lot more of it.