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new Council
COMMENTARY · 16th January 2012
Linda Halyk

Kitimat Council:


If you CAN'T or WON'T then put it to a vote of the people of KITIMAT and a suggestion to include or at least contact the Council of KITAMAAT, since we all reside in their territory.

We need you to either stand with us or against us. If the other Towns and Cities in the North can make a decision and if our neighbours the Haisla and many, many other First Nations can make a decision it is time you got off the fence. Kitimat has the most to lose, and the least to gain with this project. The 27 to 100 jobs is not going to make this town BOOM and when the oil spills you will definitely be the Mayor of DOOM.

Kitimat Council is an Intervener, where were you? Is there/was there not anything you could bring to the table? Do any of you have any fears/concerns for this region?

The very least that I and others expected was for Kitimat Mayor and Council to be present at these hearings. Two councilors were there and the CAO. The Mayor showed up for approximately 72 minutes the end of the first day. She left as soon as Ellis Ross finished his speech, she did not stay to shake any of the first nations hands.This was/is appalling, the dates were set long ago for the JRP hearings, I know some of you have jobs to go to but I am sure arrangements could have, should have been made.
The speeches from the Haisla were unbelievably informative, never mind the technical information put forward by the Naturalists and Douglas Channel Watch. A show of solidarity from our Municipal leaders should be expected.

I have never seen so much beating around the bush as I saw tonight on council. You can not possibly wait until the JRP is finished it will be to late. To amend Councilor Germuth's motion for a referendum is/was ridiculous, he was trying to get you an understanding of the people's thoughts. His motion did not say you had to take a stand one way or the other. Councilor Feldhoff obviously agrees with the pipeline,he made that amendment so fast heads were spinning. Councilor Germuth didn't even have a chance to talk to the motion after Councilor Scott seconded it. Councilor Goffinet round and round and round we go, good grief man spit it out, you either agree with Germuth or you agree with Feldhoff if not put another amendment to the amendment. People are a lot more informed than you give them credit for and so could all of you if you had shown up to the hearings. You would have an understanding of the concerns.


No Vacancy
Comment by Linda Halyk on 21st January 2012
Business people are really not that narrow minded. If they were we wouldn't have five banking institutions in a town of 8000 people.

If any big industry really wanted to build in Kitimat do you think they would be talking to the Mayor, not likely. They would go to the Haisla and the Province, just as the closure of Eurocan. You can read Ellis Ross's statement to the JRP to get full details.

Neutral only works when going down hill and that is exactly where this council is taking us if they don't make a decision.
The Mayor of Boom is going to end the Mayor of KABOOM, when there isn't any water or help from Enbridge to clean up. Kitimat takes the biggest risk for the least value.
Comment by Mike Forward on 18th January 2012
With respect to Larry's comment re: what Council is elected to do. Given that 4 of the 5 incumbents who ran were re-elected (I am excluding Mr. Halyk as only 1 of he and the Mayor could have been elected), and they all supported that neutral motion until due process was completed, I would hazard a guess that they were elected to do just that: follow due process.

The neutral position of Council - from my perspective - is a formality. I think they are opposed, but this is a smoke signal to other potential commercial investors that Kitimat will at least hear out your proposal before slapping up a "no vacancy" sign.
Comment by Linda Halyk on 18th January 2012
Absolutely you own your property as do I. It is fee simple and that means you have rights to sell it and within municipal laws operate on it as stated by them.
I guess I simplified the statement to much, I didn't want to make it a big deal. I just wanted to include everyone who's at risk.
Until the Governemnt decides and a treaty is signed, who really knows, but this will affect their lives, as it will yours and mine.
I look at it like another part of the government puzzle, I own a plot of land, in Haisla Territory, in Kitimat, in British Columbia, in Canada. That is why this is such a big mess, every government has said and done something else and now hundreds of years later who knows what should or should not be.

If I offended anyone I appologize, we ALL really need to be heard on this issue.

News today is it looks as if Obama is going to stop the Keystone XL . This means a bigger stronger push by Harper and Enbridge to get this through faster. Haste makes waste and the waste will be our lands, water and wildlife.
Give us a voice
Comment by Ralph Bartel on 17th January 2012
Yes Linda I agree the people of Kitimat AND Kitamaat should have the right to vote on this most contentious issue, however, I take exception with your view on this solely being Haisla territory. The last I checked the property I own is in my name and I too consider myself as a native of Kitimat as I was born here right on Alcan beach. Where is my birthright to dictate who, when, and where any business can locate and operate on my native territory.
tired of only hearing 1 side
Comment by susan on 17th January 2012
Why would they make a decision? If the answer is yes, then they would be pillored by the community that feels that yes is not a way of life. If they say no, then they face the possibility of loss of business in this town.

The militant "no" vote will not listen to any other side except their own. I understand that the person who tried to speak for the project was shouted down.

As to the fact of a referendum, perhaps you missed that we just had an election. A referendum would be just a waste of time and money. Perhaps if you felt that the people running did not speak for you, then perhaps you should of put your own name out.
Its about time Council got off the fence
Comment by Larry on 17th January 2012
To Mayor and are not elected and paid to "sit on the fence" either s... or get off the pot. I demand a proactive municipal government, make a decision and 'LIVE BY IT'

Larry Walker
(new resident and TAXPAYER)