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REPORTING · 13th January 2012
Merv Ritchie
MP Tony Clement, Canada's current President of the Treasury Board and former Industry Minister shares the same address as the Ethical Oil organization but it goes a long way back; to the days when he was running to be Prime Minister.

In 2004 Clement was running against Harper to become the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. The address for donations to his campaign was; Tony Clement Campaign, PO Box 1047, 31 Adelaide St. East, Toronto, ON M5C 2K4

Today, 2012, eight years later Ethical Oil maintains the same address. PO Box 1047, 31 Adelaide St. East, Toronto, ON M5C 2K4

Ethical Oils website is maintained by a 26-year old conservative law student at the University of Calgary named Kathryn Marshall. According to the Ottawa Citizen, Marshall is married to Hamish Marshall, Harper's former strategic planning manager.

According to Ian McGugan (askian,,, , a reader of this website from Vancouver, “it was Ms. Kathryn Marshall’s terrible television performance on CBC that got me digging into the whole issue.”

And after some internet digging he discovered these same addresses listed. The ties under the Conservative/Reform/Alberta/Industry go deep and a long ways back. Ezra Levant, the author of “Ethical Oil” withdrew from the Calgary SW nomination race to allow Harper to win a seat in Federal Politics.

To watch this poor performance by Marshall and to read more on the ties that bind click on the link following the ETHICAL OIL story below these website addresses, which contain the PO Box identification for Clement and ethical oil.


"Ethical Oil" didn't just spring from nowhere - it was carefully conceived in the manner of major advertising campaigns and the work of Republican strategist Frank Luntz (who coined "the death tax" in order to push lower estate taxes, and encouraged the Bush Administration to re-frame global warming as "climate change", for instance). In fact, what we are presently witnessing around the Enbridge debate is the full-force implementation of American-style political campaign tactics - where everything is built around a single, simple concept - like "socialist" Obama-care (right!), "tough on terror", or Orwellian distortions like the "Patriot "Act - which, no matter how illogical, gain traction through relentless, monosyllabic repetition, delivered via the triple threat of corporate media, government and corporate-backed lobbies, "think tanks" and pr firms.

Read the Rest and the video of Marshall Here


China’s on an oil buying binge. And Canada is where China likes to shop.

Since 2002 China, through four state owned oil companies, has spent over $65 billion dollars to purchase oil and gas fields and production facilities around the world.

Almost 15% of China’s expenditures went towards securing oil from Canada’s tar sands, according to a joint 2011 report of the International Energy Agency and the OECD. China now owns significant stakes in Northern Lights Oil Sands, MEG Energy, Athabasca Oil Sands, Penn West Energy and Syncrude.

China’s buying spree isn’t an accident. It’s a government policy that’s developed haphazardly since the late 1980’s. China is determined to ensure that it continue to grow an economy that is increasingly dependent on energy from oil and gas.

In 2009, China imported 53% of its oil. By 2035 that’s expected to grow to 82% or 12.8 million barrels each and every day. China’s foreign policy is, in part, determined by the need to resource that growth.

That means moral issues like human rights take back seat to oil security. “No matter if it’s rogue’s oil or a friend’s oil, we don’t care,” an energy adviser told the Washington Post in 2005 on the condition he not be identified, citing the threat of government disciplinary action. “Human rights? We don’t care. We care about oil.”

Ditto for the environment. China’s interest in oil security overrides all other concerns.

Read the rest here at


By Terry Glavin, The Ottawa Citizen January 12, 2012

The $5.5-billion Enbridge pipeline project is all about sending Alberta bitumen in huge oil tankers to China. Beijing’s own state enterprises are among the project’s major backers, and Beijing has been buying up Alberta’s oilpatch at such a dizzying pace lately it’s hard to keep up. In the spring of 2010, China’s state-owned Sinopec Corp. took a $4.65-billion piece of Syncrude. Then the China Investment Corporation, which is run by the Chinese Communist Party, took possession of a $1.25-billon share of Penn West Petroleum. Last summer, the Chinese National Offshore Oil Corporation gobbled up Opti Canada for $2.34 billion. And so on.Then, last month, Sinopec spent $2.2-billion to take over Daylight Energy Ltd., and last week, Petro-China, with the final push of $1.9 billion, became the owner and manager of the MacKay River oilsands project. This is what Ottawa doesn’t want you noticing.

Read the rest here

Late Update; Apparently we were not the first to post on this
Cheque the Addresses?
Comment by Dave Shannon on 15th January 2012
Interesting addresses.

Is anyone old enough to remember the Watergate Scandal in the 1970's?

Cheques from the fund to re-elect (Republican) president Nixon ended up in the hands of one of the burglars who broke in to the Democratic National Headquarters in Watergate office complex in Washington D.C.

More details here:

Another little tidbit
Comment by Chery on 13th January 2012
I listened to Kathryn being interviewed on CBC radio a week or so ago. She said a couple of things that made me curious.

The first was her statement that the 1/2 page newspaper ads bought by ethical oil and placed in newspapers throughout the Northwest only cost $15.

A quick call to Northern Sentinel revealed that one 1/2 page ad in our local paper would cost between $600 and $800. Yes, that's each.

Now I don't want to come across as picking on Kathryn, she's just a "grassroots" student after all, but I do have to question her math. I will be kind, and just take into account the two 1/2 ads that ran in the Kitimat newpapers. I'll also give her the benefit of being a savvy shopper and say she got the ads for $600 each.

Here's were it will get technical. You may have to take off your shoes to count on your toes. $600 + $600 = $1200 *I'm doing this without the aid of a calculator, so correct me if I'm wrong.

Taking into account that she said ALL of the ads across the Northwest cost $15 the $1200 figure would be a little higher. But I'll be gentle - we'll stick with the $1200 figure.

1200 divided by 15 = 80 *this time I used a calculator, have a little pity on me, I've never been good at math.

That means that the cost of JUST TWO of the ads came in at 80 times the amount Kathryn said she paid for.

I know Kathryn isn't working for Enbridge, but if you take Enbridge's generous figure of 50 permanent full time jobs here in Kitimat and apply Kathryn's math we would end up with a whopping 0.625 permanent full time jobs.

50 divided by 80 = 0.625. Yes, using Kathryn's math and a calculator I can assume that the Northern Gateway Project will provide less than 1 permanent full time job in Kitimat.

The other thing, I thought was funny was that fact that Kathryn and her husband received a personal note of congratulations from Prime Minister Harper on their wedding. I know her husband used to work for Mr. Harper, but how many of you grassroots people received such a note? How about from your employer? RTA send those things out?

I don't know about you, but I'm still against the Northern Gateway Project. I won't come right out and say I'm against Enbridge as apparently they have some windmill projects. I'm all for "job creation" just not "coastal ruination"

As a wife, mother and a grandmother I will say to Kathryn what I'd lovingly say to one of my own. "Brush up a little on your math, sweetie. Try it again."

Radically yours,
Chery Willis