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COMMENTARY · 10th January 2012
Linda Halyk
This was probably one of the top ten days in Kitimat's History.

The Joint Review Panel hearings in Kitamaat Village for the Northern Gateway Project.

In the morning I looked around the rec centre to see that the District of Kitimat was represented by one Council Member and the C.A.O.
After the lunch break a second councilor showed up to listen to the Haisla speak to the Northern Gateway Project.
The speeches were very touching and brought forth a lot of the Haisla's tradition's and how their way of life has been hurt by industry for many years.
The last speaker was Chief Council Ellis Ross. As he was to begin his 72 minute speech the Mayor of Kitimat arrived in the back of the room and no sooner was he finished she was gone.
I seem to recall election promises or campaign statements to strengthen relations with the Haisla. Where were all those people with those promises today? Your neighbour is in the throws of a battle, one that will not only affect them but the whole region and we have little representation.
The lack of good conscience is appalling, now I realize some of the council may have been working, but those that could, should have arranged to be there for the day. This date has been know for a long long time. You missed out on an insight to our Region's First Nation's that you will never get again. The speeches could have been an insight to help with your decisions.
The Mayor and previous Council were neutral until the elections. Some of the candidates came out in support, some against. Since this is probably one of the biggest decisions both the Kitamaat Village and Kitimat will make. It only makes sense to put it to the new council to vote &/or finally take a stand.

told ya so
Comment by J.Salema on 12th January 2012
See , I had a small following and now this is the first strike on not voting me in council. Work or not I would have represented you at this HISTORIC event , you ask "why wasn't I there anyways?" Well because like all the rest of us , we are all just no-buddies , as councel , just maybe someone will listen (just maybe!!). So it don't matter any more we'll just play the same U-tube Video for another 3 yrs. I may not be around much but I am keeping track.
Re .Grab the bull
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 12th January 2012
Perhaps we can hire a Bull whisperer
Grab the Bull by the Horns
Comment by Thomas Campbell on 11th January 2012
When I asked The question at the Mayoral debate about enbridge and our drinking water and what they would do if elected... I recall the (now) elected mayor saying... and I quote.... "We have to grab the bull by the horns!"

my opinion but I hope they are not waiting for the bull o rama?